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IAG JUN 2020年6月 亞博匯 43 封面故事 S tanley Ho was initially considered a minor figure in the Sociedade de Turismo eDiversões de Macau (STDM) partnership awarded the Macau casino concession in 1962. Ho’s brother-in-law Teddy Yip, an Indonesian- Chinese educated in the Netherlands who spoke a dozen languages including six Chinese dialects, brought star power to the team. A car racing fan, driver and eventual team owner, Teddy – as everyone called him, including Teddy himself – founded the Macau Grand Prix in 1954, a race through the city’s streets reminiscent of the Grand Prix of Monaco, extending the metaphor of Macau as Asia’s Monte Carlo. Henry Fok Ying-tung gave STDM political and financial muscle. His was a rags-to-riches story the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, which Fok chaired for ages, wouldn’t promote. Heir to a broken down shipping business, Fok made a fortune shipping essential war supplies, including steel and rubber, to China during the Korean conflict. Denying widespread allegations that he also sold weapons in defiance of the United Nations embargo, Fok built vast reservoirs Dream Team 夢幻團隊 在 澳門旅遊娛樂股份有限公司於1962年獲批賭 牌時,何鴻燊最初被認為在澳娛中只有很少 的話事權。 印尼華人葉德利是何鴻燊的妹夫,在荷蘭升 學及能操多種語言,包括六種中國方言,為澳 娛團隊帶來了巨星效應。葉德利是賽車迷及車手,所有人都以洋 名Teddy稱呼他,其本人也以此自稱,他後來更成為車隊班主,並