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IAG JUL 2019年7月 亞博匯 30 MC: Why not combine the listings of Melco International and Melco Resorts? LH: We’ve looked at that. But especially with license renewal on the horizon, the government likes that Melco International controls Melco Resorts and that Melco International is a Hong Kong-listed company that I control. But we’ll take a look at it in the future. MC: Is your management set-up still working? LH: It’s working very well. Having property presidents fully focused on their property – we have a matrix structure – and working with our functional leaders in areas of excellence, it’s working very well, much better than just a COO. The reason I went away from that was because when Studio City opened, not enough emphasis was placed there. And Altira for many years was just disappearing into space. Andy Choi, ever since he took over [Altira], has turned the business – it was at a US$10 million run rate – into a US$50-plus million business. It’s having people that care about the property. For us it has worked out well. MC: Was Morpheus an advertisement for Japan? LH: That’s part of it. Morpheus was really a love letter to Macau to say thank you. But everything we do, we want to continue to build up a strong portfolio and a great showcase for what we can do in jurisdictions like Japan, to show them that we’re capable of building these things. It’s one thing to show Japan or other jurisdictions pretty pictures of what your architect came up with, it’s quite another to actually deliver on it and execute it. My message has always been, you need to look at the track record. People can say they can build the nicest things in the world, but have they really done it before? Have they been able to deliver the type of customer service that gets these Michelin stars? Lawrence Ho says Melco remains interested in buying out its partner in Macau integrated resort Studio City 何猷龍表示,新濠仍有意收購其澳門綜合度假村新濠影匯的合作夥伴手上的股份 的重視。而新濠鋒多年來似乎都已經被人們忘記了。但自從蔡欣 榮接手新濠鋒之後,他已經把這個原本年運轉率只有1,000萬美 元的物業,變成業務超過5,000萬美元的企業。這個架構可以令專 人照看各自物業,所以對我們來說是運作良好的架構。 MC: 摩珀斯是否是給日本看得一個樣板? 何猷龍: 部分是。摩珀斯是向澳門表達謝意的一封情書。但我們所 做的每件事,都是希望可以繼續作為建構一個強有力的業務組 合,展示給像日本這樣有意發展綜合度假村的國家看,讓他們看 到我們是有能力繼續建造出這樣的建築。 但是,向日本等其他司法管轄區展示建築師設計的的漂亮照 片是一回事,實際交付並執行則完全是另外一回事。我一直認為, 你需要看看過去的記錄。有些人說他們可以造出世界上最好的東 西,但他們真的做過嗎?他們能否真的提供這些可獲得米芝蓮星 級的客戶服務呢? COVER STORY