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IAG JUN 2019年6月 亞博匯 30 COVER STORY K angwon Land’s 1,360 electronic gaming machines range from ancient draw poker machines to contemporary progressive linked products under at least a dozen brand names. However, the betting limit of KRW1,000 (US$0.84) per play presents the biggest challenge to suppliers. “It’s a very unique market,” IGT Asia Sales Director Michael Cheers says, “very challenging to design games for them.” IGTwas a winner of Kangwon Land’s recent slot tender, its first in three years, on a joint bid with Novomatic, Konami and Aruze for a total of 230 new machines. Some observers find Kangwon Land’s array of machines baffling, noting that most casinos double down on products that garner the greatest revenue. Cheers sees it differently: “As a government casino, they don’t have to just buy more of what works. They try to give their players diversity.” Museum of Slots 角子機博物館 江 原樂園的1360台角子機中,從復古的換牌撲克 機到現代的連線積累角子機,至少有十幾個品 種。然而1000韓元一次的投注限額對供貨商而 言是巨大的挑戰。 「這是個十分獨特的市場,」IGT 亞洲銷售 總監Michael Cheers表示,「為他們設計遊戲非常具有挑戰性。」 IGT剛剛贏得江原樂園角子機最新招標,是三年來的第一次。這 次其和Novomatic、Konami及Aruze聯手競標,投得230台新機器。 某些觀察人士表示江原樂園這些機器頗令人困惑,並指大多數 娛樂場都會加倍購入令其收益最高的產品。而Cheers就對此有他自 己的看法:「作為一家政府所有的娛樂場,他們不需購入令其收入增 加的機器,而是更追求為玩家提供更多樣化的選擇。」