Alexa ranking explained

The Alexa Traffic Rank, also simply known as the Alexa Rank, is the world’s leading website ranking system. Alexa (a subsidiary of ranks the most popular approximately 30 million of the world’s websites in order of popularity calculated using the estimated average daily unique visitors and number of page views over the past 90 days. This results in a “visitor engagement” ranking for any given website.

The Alexa ranking is calculated daily and issues around 7pm Macau time each day. The lower the ranking number the better, with being ranked at #1.

Any sites outside the top million websites are considered by many internet marketers to be essentially worthless, and being in the top 100,000 sites in the world is considered by many to be a major achievement.

As well as the key metric of the Alexa ranking, Alexa also issues an “average time on site” metric each day. As the name suggests, this represents the average time spent per user per day on the website. Average time on site per day for (ranked #1) is around 16 minutes. For (usually ranked around #7) it is around 18 minutes. These are both considered exceptionally long. The average time on site for CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post are all around three to four minutes.

Alexa rankings allow potential advertisers and other users of websites to understand how popular and visited any given website is, especially in comparison to its competitors or peers.

You can verify the Alexa ranking (and average time on site) of any website for free by visiting[insertURLhere]. For example, to verify the Alexa ranking of, please visit

The all-time high ranking for is 34,371 (on 22 June 2021) and all-time high “average time on site” is 28:57 (on 7 May 2021). Our website first climbed into the world’s top 50,000 websites on 19 April 2021.

To give a sense of how high various types of media brands rank, here are some examples of approximate rankings:

Media brand Remarks
17 Xinhua News Agency The world’s top ranked media website
100 BBC The world’s oldest national broadcaster
100 CNN The world’s first 24-hour news television channel
200 The Washington Post Widest circulation newspaper in Washington, DC
300 Daily Mail The UK’s highest-circulated daily newspaper
900 Los Angeles Times Largest non-East Coast American newspaper
1,400 Time Iconic US magazine published since 1923
2,500 South China Morning Post Hong Kong’s newspaper of record, founded 1903
3,000 The Straits Times Singapore’s most famous newspaper, founded 1845
3,000 The New Yorker Iconic New York weekly magazine, founded 1925
5,500 The Age Melbourne’s newspaper of record, founded 1854
6,600 Toronto Star Canada’s top circulation newspaper, founded 1892
8,500 The Australian Leading Australian daily newspaper, founded 1964
13,000 Manchester Evening News Highly website-focussed Manchester area newspaper
14,000 Herald Sun Leading Melbourne daily newspaper, founded 1840
17,000 Las Vegas Review-Journal Leading Nevada daily newspaper, founded 1909
19,000 BBC Top Gear UK motoring magazine and TV program since 1977
20,000 The Daily Telegraph Leading Sydney daily newspaper, founded 1927
22,000 The Vancouver Sun Leading Vancouver daily newspaper, founded 1912
30,000 Birmingham Mail Birmingham area newspaper, founded 1870
32,000 The Courier Mail Brisbane’s leading daily newspaper, founded 1846
34,371 Inside Asian Gaming Leading Asian B2B gaming and IR media brand
36,000 Las Vegas Sun Las Vegas daily newspaper, founded 1950
44,000 The West Australian Perth’s leading daily newspaper, founded 1833
47,000 The Advertiser Adelaide’s leading daily newspaper, founded 1858
58,000 The Canberra Times Canberra’s leading daily newspaper, founded 1926
62,000 The Standard Free English language newspaper in Hong Kong
73,000 CEO Magazine Global media brand covering CEOs and business
108,000 Best Lawyers Peer review legal publication, founded 1981
148,000 Gold Coast Bulletin Gold Coast’s leading newspaper, founded 1885
148,000 Mercury Hobart’s leading daily newspaper, founded 1858