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IAG JUL 2021年7月 亞博匯 28 COVER STORY To assist us in making a judgement call on the three candidates, IAG sent a list of six questions to each of them: 1 IR Track Record Please list the names of the IRs your company or its senior executives have been involved with in any of the following four stages of IR development and operations: (1) Design, (2) Construction, (3) Opening, or (4) Management. 4 Probity In which jurisdictions, if any, has your company or its senior executives successfully completed a vetting or probity process by a gaming regulator? 3 MICE experience Please describe the MICE-related experience of your company or its senior executives. 6 Community What has your company done so far to integrate with and to benefit the local community? 2 Financial capability How much does your company intend to commit in capital expenditure to constructing an IR in Nagasaki? Is this amount raised and committed? If so, what is the source of the funds? If not, how does your company intend to raise the funds? 5 Operator partner Who is your operator partner? Why did your company select this operator partner? What experience does your operator partner have that will be useful in Nagasaki? Any other comments about your operator partner?