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IAG JUN 2021年6月 亞博匯 40 By Victoria White, Special Counsel, MdME Lawyers and Daniela Guerreiro , Associate, MdME Lawyers CASHLESS IS KING Why cashless gaming technology will dominate With regulators and operators in the region reaching agreement to implement cashless card technology, we look at developments in cashless payment solutions and why they will lead to a more compliant and responsible future for the IR industry. 無現金為王 為何無現金方式的博彩技術將盛行? 隨著區域內的監管機構和營運商達成協議以落實無現金支付 技術,我們現剖釋無現金支付解決方案的發展,以及相關技術 如何為綜合度假村(IR)行業帶來更合規和負責任發展的未來。 文 Victoria White, 澳門MdME律師事務所特別法律顧問 及 Daniela Guerreiro,澳門MdME律師事務所律師 ALL-IN DIGITAL