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IAG FEB 2021年2月 亞博匯 20 COVER STORY SHELDON ADELSON Supercharged by Asia The visionary founder of Las Vegas Sands Corp and Sands China Ltd, Mr Sheldon Adelson, passed away after a lengthy battle with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma on 11 January 2021. IAG takes a look at his incredible career and enduring legacy. 蕭登.艾德森 得道亞洲 創辦拉斯維加斯金沙集團及金沙中國的蕭登.艾德森先生高瞻遠矚, 在與非霍奇金氏淋巴瘤搏鬥了一段長時間後,於2021年1月11日與世 長辭。《亞博匯》回顧了他傳奇的商業生涯,以及他留下的不朽遺產。 By 文 Muhammad Cohen Muhammad Cohen is Editor at Large of Inside Asian Gaming , a contributor to Forbes Asia and author of Hong Kong On Air , a novel set during the 1997 handover about TV news, love, betrayal, high finance and cheap lingerie. M u h a m m a d Cohen 是《亞博 匯》特約編輯、《福 布斯亞洲》撰稿 人,著有以1997 年香港回歸為背 景的小說《Hong Kong On Air》。