Inside Asian Gaming

IAG SEP 2020年9月 亞博匯 78 IN FOCUS Sophisticating Saipan Donald Browne worked his way up from Atlantic City dealer to Imperial Pacific International’s SaipanCEO, after overseeing IPI gaming and, recently, security. Amid his busy early days in the new role, Browne answered a few questions from IAG Editor at Large Muhammad Cohen. 成熟的塞班島 Donald Browne從大西洋城的經銷商一路晉升為博 華太平洋塞班島的首席執行官,此前他負責博彩業 務,近期還負責安保工作。Browne在百忙之中回復 了《亞博匯》特約編輯Muhammad Cohen的問題。