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IAG SEP 2020年9月 亞博匯 64 IN FOCUS PACIFIC PUZZLE With its incredible VIP roll reports long gone, Imperial Pacific International has appointed a new CEO as it looks for another extension of its deadline to finish its beachfront casino hotel in Saipan – but its finances may be running out of time. 平洋難 隨著貴賓大額轉碼一去不復返,博華太平洋在奮力爭取 再次延長其塞班島海邊賭場酒店完成期限的同時,亦委 任了一位新的行政總裁,但該公司卻在財政上日漸困窘。 By 文 Muhammad Cohen Muhammad Cohen is Editor at Large of Inside AsianGaming , a contributor to Forbes Asia and author of Hong Kong On Air , a novel set during the 1997 handover about TV news, love, betrayal, high finance and cheap lingerie. Muhammad Cohen 是《亞 博匯》特約編輯、 《福布斯亞洲》 撰稿人,著有以 1997年香港回 歸為背景的小說 《Hong Kong On Air》。