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IAG MAY 2020年5月 亞博匯 29 封面故事 Euro-Asia Consulting總裁兼首席執行官Stephen Karoul補 充說:「他們一直頗具創造力,通過雲頂高地的擴張、三大郵輪的發 展證明了自己的能力,並最終通過投資部落賭場Foxwoods及其他 機會向海外進行擴張。」 雲頂的擴張催生了紐約市雲頂世界(Resorts World New York City),這是紐約這座美國第一大城市中唯一一間提供電子博彩的 物業,由雲頂集團旗下雲頂馬來西亞分公司營運,該企業同時還經 營著以北90英里(145公里)之外的Resorts World Catskills酒店。 Strategic Market Advisors的董事總經理Matthew Landry 稱:「東亞地區的營運商中,上述業務構成有助於雲頂在拉斯維 加斯開展業務。」 「牌照及營運經驗將會很有幫助,現有的客戶基礎亦可支 撐拉斯維加斯的運營。雲頂集團已經在紐約打下了亞洲客戶的 基礎,這將令其在拉斯維加斯的物業更具吸引力。拉斯維加斯的 That kind of across - the-board appeal is embedded in Genting’s core DNA. “Their property in Malaysia is absolutely spectacular,” Heretakis, whose firm’s Asia resort portfolio ranges from Korea to Vietnam, says. “RWG attracts a two star to five star-plus clientele, with amenities for all market segments. A lot of lessons they learned from that are going be very successful in Las Vegas.” “The Las Vegas Strip is quite a bit different as it is a destination market and a very competitive market,” Union Gaming Securities’ Las Vegas-based analyst John DeCree says. “Operating in amarket withmultiple high quality competitors will be the biggest adjustment for Genting.” Adds Euro-Asia Consulting President and CEO The US$4.3 billion integrated resort at the north end of the Strip figures to take a starring role in Sin City’s post-coronavirus grand re-opening. 這座位於拉斯維加斯大道北端、耗資逾43億 美元的綜合度假村,預計將在「罪惡之城」後 疫情時代扮演重要一角。