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IAG JAN 2020年1月 亞博匯 71 焦點關注 variety daily, meaning the product is always fresh. Empty bottles are cleansed in the normal dishwashing process and refilled. EASY BREAK EVEN WynnandNordaqwouldnotdisclosespecific financial information about the equipment used at Wynn. Nordaq says its basic system, including filtration, carbonation, bottling and capping components leases monthly for around HK$7,000 (US$894). Beyond utility costs for the water put in the bottle – plus water for bottle washing and 10 to 15 liters for system flushing two or three times annually – and electricity, there’s little additional cost for the Nordaq product. So SW Steakhouse’s break-even point is around five Nordaq bottle sales daily. “My goal is to charge per person, so if you need water, we bring it,” Dunbar, who previously worked in Las Vegas, including its branch of New York’s legendary Old Homestead steakhouse, says. “That way, we don’t disturb you in the middle of a conversation to ask if you want another bottle of water.” Nordaq’s success at SW Steakhouse set the stage for a groundbreaking initiative. An automated system 件)的租金為每月約7000港幣(894美元)。除了用於裝瓶的水電 費、及洗瓶的水,外加每年2到3次用於系統清洗的10至15升水及 電費之外,Nordaq的產品幾乎沒有額外的費用。因此,永利扒房 的盈虧平衡點為每日售出5瓶左右Nordaq水即可。 「我的目標是按人收費,如果你需要水,我們會提供。」曾在 拉斯維加斯及紐約傳奇的Old Homestead牛扒館工作過的Dun- bar說道。「這樣,我們就不會在談話中打擾你,問你是否要再來一 瓶水。」 Nordaq在永利扒房的成功為接下來的一項開拓性舉措奠定 了基礎。這個自動瓶裝水系統將為永利皇宮的1700間客房提供 裝瓶水。該系統是Nordaq設計的最大系統,每小時可生產2000 瓶,預計將很快投入生產,以取代目前在客房中使用的數十萬個 塑料瓶。永利的該項設施名為「Nordaq 2000」,以Nordaq在斯德 will bottle water for the 1,700 rooms at Wynn Palace. The system, the largest ever designed by Nordaq, has an output capacity of 2,000 bottles an hour and is expected to go into production soon, replacing hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles now used in guest rooms. Dubbed Nordaq 2000, the Wynn installation builds onNordaq’s flagship systemat the Sheraton Stockholm with a capacity of 500 bottles per hour. The Stockholm plant began production in 2011 and last June produced its one millionth bottle, saving 540 tons of carbon, according to Nordaq. “All the operators want to reduce plastic,” Tirupari says. “We are the only property where we can offer you a solution.” He hopes that the Wynn plant can lead the way to wider progress toward eliminating single use plastic water bottles. For Tirupari, Nordaq exemplifies the kind of sustainable solutions he’s seeking. “It gives guests what they want as an even better experience,” a product that’s fresher and costs less. “What’s more sustainable than sustainable water?” 哥爾摩喜來登酒店的旗艦系統為基礎,後者每小時可生產 500瓶水。據Nordaq稱,斯德哥爾摩酒店於2011年開始生產, 至去年6月生產了第一百萬瓶,節省了540噸碳。 「所有運營商都希望減少塑料的使用,」Tirupari說。「我 們是唯一可以提供解決方案的酒店。」 他希望永利皇宮能夠在淘汰即棄塑料瓶裝水方面起到 帶頭作用。 對Tirupari而言,Nordaq就是他所尋求的可持續解決方 案的典範。 「它能為客人提供比他們想要的更好的體驗,」這是一 種更新穎、成本更低的產品。「有什麼比可持續用水更具可持 續性的呢?」