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COVER STORY ONLINE OUTAGE With the Philippines and Cambodia leading the charge, Asia’s cross border gaming has grown too big to ignore, perhaps exceeding revenue of land-based casinos. Now China is fighting back against these multi-billion dollar financial outflows. 網博失格 在菲律賓和柬埔寨的主導之下,亞洲跨境博彩規模已經 達到不容忽視的水平,甚至可能超過實體賭場的收入。現 在,中國正在打擊這些數以十億美元計的資金外流管道。 By 文 Muhammad Cohen Muhammad Cohen is Editor at Large of Inside AsianGaming , a contributor to Forbes Asia and wrote Hong Kong On Air , a novel set during the 1997 handover about TV news, love, betrayal, high finance and cheap lingerie. Muhammad Cohen 是《亞 博匯》特約編輯、 《福布斯亞洲》 撰稿人,著有以 1997年香港回 歸為背景的小說 《Hong Knong On Air》。 IAG OCT 2019年10月亞博匯 20