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IAG JUN 2019年6月 亞博匯 27 NO SURRENDER There are some other peculiarities in Kangwon Land blackjack compared with mainstream Macau or Manila casinos. There’s no surrender available, not that many of these gung-ho players would consider capitulation. Blackjack on splits only pays even money. Thehigh-ceilingoriginal casinoareanear theentrance features a large Tiffany-style stained glass window and under it a Mint Bar selling chocolates, freshly made juices, teas and coffee for those not satisfied with mass produced stuff for free. Crystal Lounge serves up soup, sandwiches and sweets in its space age seating area. Pansy serves Korean mains for lunch and dinner with a salad bar that tells what kimchi is in season locally, plus dessert and coffee buffet. The two-level new gaming area has a brighter look and cleaner lines than the original. Its upper level has 64 tables and no machines, and the most obvious signs of 20 tables removed at the start of 2018 to curtail play. Sections of the gold colored carpet are slashed and in some spots wiring rises out of the floor. In a further attempt to reduce revenue, tables take 20 minute breaks every two hours, with the dealer placing a digital countdown clock on the felt to show the minutes ticking down. 封面故事 區域,包括197個體育遊戲機及各式各樣的角子機,其中沒有一台機 器接受超過1000韓元的投注。 在二十一點的牌桌上,類似於莊家發一張六,而玩家卻打了一對 十,或者補了十四這種糟糕的玩法,很容易引起其他玩家的「江原道 憤怒」。然而當一個外國人站在足夠尊重的距離之外觀察賽況時,莊 家就吼道,「不許看。」 「你有權力這樣吼我,我就走。」這個外國人回答道,自信沒人 能聽得懂,然後繼續喝著葡萄汁。 拒絕放棄 與澳門或者馬尼拉的主流娛樂場相比,江原樂園娛樂場的二十 一點有其獨特的地方。這裡不允許中途棄牌「投降」,但想必這裡的 gung-ho玩家也從來沒想過中途棄牌。二十一點的分牌平分相同的 錢數。 入口附近的高天花板娛樂場區有一個大型的蒂凡尼風格的彩色 玻璃窗,窗下有一個「Mint Bar 」,向那些不滿意免費食品的客人出售 朱古力、鮮榨果汁、茶和咖啡。「Crystal Lounge」擁有太空時代氣氛的 座位區,提供湯、三明治以及甜點。「Pansy」則在午餐及晚餐時間提供 韓國菜,以及一個沙拉吧,無限量提供當地時令的泡菜,以及甜點和 咖啡。 兩層的新博彩區比原先區域更為明亮、線條也更清晰。上面一 層有64張賭枱,沒有角子機,最為明顯的20張賭枱在2018年年初被 移開以調控博彩行為。金色地毯的部分被隔開,有些地方電線露出 了地面。為了進一步控制博彩收入,每張賭枱每過兩小時就要休息 20分鐘。荷官還會拿出一個數字倒計時器,以顯示時間 。 Korea's first integrated resort, the foreigner-only Paradise City in Incheon, opened its doors in April 2017. 韓國第一家綜合度假村是位於仁川的Paradis City, 開業於2017年4月,只對外國人開放。