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INSIDE ASIAN GAMING JUNE 2018 26 S OCIAL casino gaming is booming. In 2017, the global social gaming industry generated a whopping US$106 billion in revenues, with the social casino segment generating US$4.5 billion in revenues. Not surprisingly China, Japan and Korea generated 90% of the games revenue in the region. Asia is the second largest social casino market after North America with revenues of around US$900 million – and that number Global Market Advisors’ Shaun McCamley delves into the booming world of social casino games. is growing with an eye popping 250% year- on-year growth. JP Morgan estimates the industry will see 8% to 10% revenue growth in the Asia Pacific region in the coming year. Eager to build and promote their brands, savvy land-based casino companies have devoted significant amounts of capital to get into the social sphere as they recognize the branding opportunities, excellent crossover promotions and the opportunity to grow their databases. Given the sizable costs and licensing restrictions associated COLUMNISTS SOCIAL gathering By Shaun McCamley Shaun McCamley is a partner at Global Market Advisors and has over 37 years’ experience in the land- based and digital gaming industries. His areas of expertise include interactive gaming consultancy, international marketing, player development, casino operations, casino resort pre-opening and more. He can be reached at [email protected]