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INSIDE ASIAN GAMING MAY 2018 64 Open-source platform provider TGG Interactive is taking popular social games to the casino market. INSIGHTS SOCIAL SECURITY G IVEN the game’s enormous popularity in Macau’s casinos – where it comprised around 88% of all gaming revenue in 2017 – it’s no surprise that operators around the world see baccarat as the key to China’s riches. Yet while it’s true Chinese players are looking for something simple and familiar, baccarat is not the answer according to Hong Kong-based games distributor TGG Interactive. Instead, TGG has been actively exploring the concept of using popular Asian casual and social games to attract new customer segments, specifically Chinese players, to casino floors in Asia and beyond. “The concept of using social games to bring new customers to casino operators has been very much welcomed by major operators in Macau and the Philippines, but also in the US and Europe where By Ben Blaschke TGG has converted popular Asian arcade shooter “Fish Hunter” into a casino game