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“If you look at Singapore as an example and how successful
Marina Bay Sands has been for the operator, there was very clear
intent by thegovernment in regards to tourism for the country. There
was a clear goal from the Minister for Tourism about what they
wanted, includingbeing close to a transport location.
“They’ve achieved that and I think if you’ve got that platform,
that agreement and support it becomes a lot easier to put the ideas
together and to focus on the financial forecasting.”
In Cambodia, NagaWorld has also benefited from the country’s
growing tourism profile. From just 450,000 visitors to Cambodia in
2000,more thanfivemillionwill arrive this yearwhile thenumber of
international flights arriving each week has grown from 143 in 2010
to450 this year andmore than 500 in 2017.
Yet even if the conditions are right, warns Clayton, the rapidly
increasing competition for players all across Asia means the key
driver for success is standingout from the crowd.
“The most successful IRs in Macau have a core idea, whether
that’s Parisian’s Eiffel Tower or thepalatial qualities and architecture
of Galaxy,” he says.
“You need headline attractions. If you’ve got the headline it’s far
easier tomarket – and when we’re talking about the Asianmarket,
youneed to look regionally not just locally.
“If you look at SingaporeandMarinaBay Sands, you couldargue
that much of its success comes down to the iconic nature of the
building and everything that stands for in the context of Singapore
and tourism. In fact, if you look at Singapore tourism ads now, it is
themost iconic feature in their advertising.
“Likewise when it comes to Macau, there are some very iconic
features here that naturally get coverage in the media but more
importantly get ahuge amount of coverageon socialmedia.
“Lessonscanalwaysbe learnt fromMacau, even if the investment
total in other markets is much lower. You do need a product that
resonateswith your audience and is very effectivewith that audience
irrespective of whether it is VIP, Direct, PremiumMass or Mass.
Youhave to look at yourself and ask, ‘What is going to be distinctive
about us?’
“Youhave tobe able todifferentiate yourself.”
“I think it isakiller inmany
jurisdictionswherenew lawsare
passedand thegovernment tries to
implementaminimum investment
–US$1billionorwhatever itmight
be.Quitehonestly, thatmay take
a significantamountof time to
recover if you canrecover itatall.”
hasbeenanenormous success
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