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June 2007 Designed to Lure Page 4 ~ Creating a Crowd-Puller Page 12 ~ Sporting Draw Page 18 ~ Paradise Found Page 22 ~ Macau Demand and Supply Page 26 ~ High-Roller Accessories Page 30 ~ Best-Fit Bally Page 32 ~ The Aussie Slot King Page 34 ~ AYen for Gaming Page 36 ~ The Frank Truth Page 40 ~ Regional Briefs Page 42 ~ International Briefs Page 44 ~ Online Briefs Page 45 ~ G2E Asia Vendor Spotlights ሇ ޖ ϖ૑ ދ ᆣ۸࿷ᇤႼ۸ ࡍ۾ ૌ ށ ໊֬দ For the past 75 years, the Bally name has stood for the broadest array of superior gaming products, ranging from the latest in video and reel-spinning slot machines to cutting-edge casino management and slot accounting systems. With the recent opening of our new office in Macau, we now proudly bring our global vision of excellence and innovation to this rapidly emerging and dynamic gaming market. • We offer the broadest array of gaming technology products of any global supplier • We are the undisputed world leader in slot management and slot accounting systems with more than 350,000 machines running a Bally system in 660 locations worldwide • We feature an extensive library of video gaming titles on the robust, reliable and technically advanced ALPHA OS™, including our hot new multi-level progressive games • We offer an exciting array of innovative high- coin reel-spinning slots sharing the same ALPHA OS as our video slots • We are the systems provider of choice at the Sands Macau and a table systems technology provider to Galaxy Entertainment Group For more information about Bally products or our vision for Macau, please contact Asia Managing Director Cath Burns at +853-785603 or Av: Dr. Mario Soares. 323, 31st Floor (C) Edf. Banco da China, Macau • +853-28-785-603 Global Vision. Local Outlook In Macau. ©2007 Bally Gaming, Inc. All rights reserved. 4 12 182226 30323436 0424445