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TCSJOHNHUXLEY'S TouchTable MultiPLAY™ is so good even James Bond would be thrilled

Tuesday, 26 January 2010 00:00
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TCSJohnHuxley's Touch Table Multiplay

In a world where casino operators are looking to squeeze every last cent in value from their gaming floor equipment, TCSJOHNHUXLEY'S TouchTable MultiPLAY™ is rapidly emerging as a favourite. This is because its combination of flexibility of game configuration matched with industryleading technology makes it a crowdpulling thoroughbred racehorse, rather than a workhorse.

The latest game to be launched on the cutting edge platform featuring a live croupier and full sized electronic multiplayer betting surface is craps, to bolster the previous offerings of roulette and sic bo. TouchTable MultiPLAY has a live roulette wheel as standard, but enables the operator to change the game offer on the table in less than a minute, at the flick of a switch. Where operators choose the version offering two or three games simultaneously, one dealer can supervise several games at once, creating cost savings for the casino.

When running a sic bo game, TouchTable MultiPLAY incorporates a live dice shaker. Results are captured directly using an automatic dice recognition unit. Roulette results are automatically captured by integrating with a TCSJOHNHUXLEY Saturn™ RouletteWheel or by fitting winning number readers to the wheel.

TouchTable MultiPLAY is based on a highly stable and stylish platform with table fittings adapted to local market tastes if required. But perhaps best of all, it adds ground breaking touch screen technology called Touch ID. This enables players really to feel the fingertip excitement of a traditional live table game while playing an electronic multiplayer.

Something like a phenomenon

"The product is being rolled out worldwide and has already created an absolute storm," says Tracy Cohen, TCSJOHNHUXLEY's Marketing Manager, speaking at the company's product showcase at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, held simultaneously with the recent G2E event, but deliberately set apart from the other industry exhibitors at the Las Vegas Convention Center in order to create buzz and an air of exclusivity for buyers.

"The quality of interaction between the player and the machine is phenomenal," she adds.

Craps makes a strong addition to the platform. Although the game is not yet as popular in Asia as sic bo, it has a growing fan base. Players take turns to roll the dice as they do on a live table, but in a unique way. A virtual representation of the dice appears on the playing surface in front of the nominated player. He or she, with a shake and throw gesture on the touch screen, triggers the automated dice shaker and sends the virtual dice rolling the length of the screen. There's no lag between the player's physical movements and the movement of the dice. This creates a genuinely immersive experience, says the company.

"Craps is a real community game. Many people felt it wasn't going to work as an electronic game. But the responsiveness of the system really puts the player in touch with the game," states Tracy Cohen.

Quad HD

It's all made possible because TouchTable MultiPLAY uses the latest 56-inch quad high definition (HD) liquid crystal display screen with 3840x2160 pixel resolution. It produces such a lifelike image on the glass surface of the table that players can make out the virtual 'threads' in the virtual 'cloth' of the playing area. In addition, images of chips and table layouts can be customised to suit the needs of operators or the tastes of their players.

The touch screen is of such high resolution that, according to IT experts, it's four times better than standard HD and a significant improvement on the touch screen computer technology that so excited audiences in the recent James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Crucially for the house's bottom line, TouchTable MultiPLAY can offer multiple games under the supervision of a single dealer, with seven players at a time able to sit at one game. "Craps is a very labour intensive game. Normally you would have two or three dealers per game. With our system, you have one dealer for the electronic craps game, but that same dealer can also work another table in the array at the same time," explains Tracy Cohen.

TouchTable MultiPLAY is available in single, double or triple table format with single roulette wheel and croupier to accommodate up to 21 players per array. The house can change the mix of games at the flick of a switch, creating maximum flexibility for the operator's offer to players.

Automated betting

All chip handling, calculation of winnings and payouts on the TouchTable MultiPLAY are fully automated by the system. It doesn't require any chip sorters, wheel checks or consumables. This level of automation delivers total game security, reduces costs and substantially increases the number of games played per hour, points out TCSJOHNHUXLEY. TouchTable MultiPLAY has now been tested and approved by Gaming Laboratories
International for use in several major gaming jurisdictions.

"You have all the benefits of electronic betting—the security, the speed, everything is accounted for and accountable," states Ms Cohen.

"It's logged through a system so there's no problem with disputes between the house and the player—it's very easy to operate."

Broad appeal, quicker turnover

The system also appeals to all levels of player, says TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

"The rules of craps, for example, can take some time for a beginner to learn, but our system tells the player when certain bets are not possible, so it guides the novice, and helps them to learn the game," points out Ms Cohen.

TouchTable MultiPLAY is compatible with existing TouchTable Real Roulette.

"It's our policy to develop products in a modular way to create best value as well as best quality for the operators. We are continually developing our products with feedback from our customers," stresses Tracy Cohen.

Touch ID technology

What makes TouchTable MultiPLAY unique and creates such an authentic table experience for players is its new Touch ID technology, says the company. Touch ID has patent applications pending worldwide. Unlike any other touch screen betting interface, it can identify an individual player and his or her betting activity thanks to a personalised touch menu at each player position.

The menu accesses game features such as favourite bets, repeat bets, neighbour bets and future revenue generating features such as side bets and progressives. It also gives players the ability to highlight across the layout each and every bet placed per game.


In line with TCSJOHNHUXLEY's policy of localising product to suit customers and of forming partnerships with local industry in its key markets, the table frames for TouchTable MultiPLAY can be manufactured in the target market and then fitted with the company's globalstandard Touch ID technology.

"We adhere to a blueprint that is rolled out to all of our manufacturing operations around the world," explains Tracy Cohen.

"That is a standard we have to hit, because that's what people come to us for. We've been building our brand for a long time and it's important to maintain those standards."

Watch out for even more game options beyond roulette, sic bo and craps being offered on TouchTable MultiPLAY in the future.

"Now we have this technically excellent, highly flexible platform for multiplay, we as a company are all about adding to the game content," states Tracy Cohen.

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