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Singapore’s slot club market is the latest target in DLV’s mission to expand in Asia

Thursday, 10 July 2014 16:07
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Latvia -based slot manufacturer DLV made its maiden foray into Asia in early 2010 with the first of several installations in Cambodia. It has since expanded its presence to the Philippines. And, of course, DLV has become a regular presence at G2E Asia in Macau, confident it’s only a matter of time before the major casinos in the city and around the continent get wise to the virtues of its versatile and cost-effective multigame products.

The company is mindful of the need to set priorities in its expansion effort, and right now has its sights set firmly on the Singapore club market. According to the company’s marketing manager, Julia Barbakadze, “We are currently focused on the most viable prospects, rather than being too focused on everything at once. We plan to try the Singapore clubs first and see what players like, then after that we will approach the casinos, which will be more complicated to enter.” She adds that “even though we have this new target, we will remain committed to the markets where our machines are already installed and will continue expanding in them.

” On display at the company’s G2E Asia stand at The Venetian Macao in May were three cabinets: the upright DIAMOND DWS, the slant-top DIAMOND STD and the hybrid DIAMOND HD, “which is a combination of the two, upright and slant top,” explained Ms Barbakadze at the show.

“As for new games, we have Dragon Jackpot, a mystery progressive jackpot created specifically for Asian markets, which we are now getting certified for Macau. And we have Jewel Jackpot 3, which is also a multigame like Dragon Jackpot with 15 games. What’s more, you can connect the Dragon Jackpot and Jewel Jackpot 3 jackpots together on one link, and it’s a common accumulation. So you can have 30 games contributing to one jackpot—15 from Dragon Jackpot and 15 from Jewel Jackpot.”

Another DLV product in the spotlight was the four-level mystery progressive Gauya Quest, which, like its counterparts, also offers a multigame package with 15 titles. The Gauya Quest theme is inspired by the real-life adventure of Latvian explorer Alexander Laime, who in 1949 reached the world’s highest waterfall, the 979-meter Angel Falls in Venezuela, during a trekking expedition. He named the river that feeds Angel Falls after the river in his homeland: Gauya. DLV decided to bring this story to the gaming world through the Gauya Quest jackpot.

Rounding out the DLV lineup up at G2E Asia were new multigame packages for standalone machines, Diamond Games Premium VIII and Diamond Ultra with 25 games, boasting sharp graphics and engaging math packages with compelling bonuses and free games.

DLV is well-positioned for regional expansion. It has good insight into the needs of gaming operations. As well as manufacturing slot equipment, the company runs slot halls in its home market. The bulk of gaming revenue in Latvia is generated by slot clubs operating in a highly competitive environment. By having to go head to head with major international manufacturers and operators in its domestic market, DLV has learned how to adapt its products to evolving market conditions.

DLV prides itself on its culture of innovation and the competitive pricing and technical robustness of its products as well as its speed and flexibility in responding to clients’ needs. The company has come a long way since it was established in 1994. Its internationally certified machines are now purchased in 33 countries in Europe, Asia and South America.


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