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  Abbiati is leading its expansion in Asia with premium chips and plaques that allow for high levels of personalization

Thursday, 18 July 2013 18:33
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Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Abbiati Casino Equipment last year secured the services of veteran industry marketer Christophe Leparoux to better serve the Asian market and exploit what the company sees as a prime opportunity to grow sales in the wide range of products it manufactures and supplies.

The range covers traditional equipment such as roulette wheels; customized tables and chairs; value chips, plaques and jetons; table layouts; and tokens and other gaming accessories. It also covers products boasting cutting-edge technology, such as roulette wheels equipped with patented laser monitoring and linked to an electronic results display and external terminals; and RFID systems utilizing 13,56 MHz PJM technology.

Abbiati has recently enjoyed strong sales of its premium chips and plaques in the continent, winning orders from the likes of SJM,The Venetian and Solaire. The currency shipped include plaques and a wide range of American-style chips, both available in an array of colors, diameters, styles, finishes and unique security features. Plaques like the ones you’ll see in Solaire’s recently-opened VIP rooms are richly crafted in traditional mother of pearl and fitted with UV-sensitive links for extra security and serialization. The chips on the main floor and in the VIP areas are designed with the same attention to detail, manufactured under a computer-controlled CNC injection-molding process that ensures state-of-the-art consistency and durability, each one carefully ground on its face to just the right thickness for smooth handling and uniformity, and along its edges to guarantee that size and diameter never vary. High-security holograms, customized to Solaire’s name, logos and chips sets, ensure unparalleled protection against counterfeiting. Abbiati’s ability to design and produce various sets in several currencies that are easily distinguishable from one another while maintaining consistency was the overriding factor in the company’s selection as the main supplier of chips and plaques to Solaire.


Giorgio Abbiati, right, and Christophe Leparoux

“We chose Abbiati for our higher-end casino currency because of their leadership position in quality chip supplies, as well as their ability to provide the most design and security options to meet our stringent requirements,” said Dennis Andreaci, Senior Vice President Gaming. “The quality of service and the professionalism of their staff and representative were crucial in ensuring that the chips were delivered in time for our opening.”

In addition to offering the highest levels of security, Abbiati’s chips and plaques can also be personalized for individual clients. Speaking at this year’s G2E Asia, Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of Abbiati Casino Equipment, explained, “we’re creating a lot of new security features, as well as developing new possibilities to personalize casino currency, including research into the use of new materials that can be used for personalization.”

“The other thing that we’re highlighting at the show this year is our baccarat tables, one of which features the Walker Digital RFID platform,” added Mr Abbiati. “We’ve also got a smaller-sized table for three players—it’s a new design created especially for VIP rooms, where players may want to play in smaller groups.”

The tables are designed to complement the VIP room experience with a choice of solid woods—mahogany, oak or cherry wood—with leather, alcantara, skai and carbon fiber trim features known for their aesthetics and resistance to wear, finished with layouts woven from the best wools and micro-fine cloths and incorporating a package of advanced ergonomics and security features.


RFID-enabled baccarat table with carbon fiber trim, designed and manufacturedexclusively for Walker Digital Table Systems’ Perfect Pay Table Network.

Abbiati’s reputation is built on over 30 years of commitment to the highest manufacturing standards and best materials, blending technological innovation with traditional craftsmanship to produce the finest in furnishings, layouts and accessories for the pit. Its products are found in more than 120 casinos on four continents, and according to Mr Abbiati, Asia has come to play “a very significant role” in the family-run company’s business. If its recent performance is any indication, the company looks set to continue expanding its presence in an Asian market hungry for high-quality alternatives.

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