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Novomatic offers operators an updated range of products to turn players’ heads, including an attention-grabbing new cabinet

Thursday, 06 June 2013 16:47
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Long an important supplier of slot machines and multiplayer automated table games systems to Asian markets, Austria’s Novomatic returns to G2E Asia promising its latest products and market-specific innovations. Well-known for its multi-game offerings on the extra-widescreen Super-V+ Gaminator cabinet, this time Novomatic and Jade Gaming, its local partner for Macau and the Philippines, will be giving its new Dominator cabinet its Asian debut.

“Asia’s operators can expect to see a great range of already highly successful international product developments on the Novomatic booth at G2E Asia 2013,” said Austrian Gaming Industries Managing Director Jens Halle. “Together with our partner Jade Gaming we will also demonstrate the company’s commitment to Asian gaming markets by presenting specifically designed game compendiums in our latest Super-V+ Gaminator and NOVO LINE Interactive multi-game mixes. In total a product display that will surely excite our customers in the region.”

The Dominator is an attention-grabber with its game-synchronized LED effects. It incorporates three 24-inch TFT screens for enhanced graphics that work with top sound to create an in-depth experience for the player. There’s an extra opportunity for operators in an optional 18-inch multipurpose TFT topper. The topper can be used for information about the games or about the casino, or for jackpot displays.

Novomatic will turn the spotlight on the Dominator with a range of new Novo Line Interactive games. One highlight is sure to be Reach the Hill, with its Amazeland community jackpot. In Amazeland, players join forces as their character ants team up to navigate a maze and carry a gold coin to the end.

A second bank of Dominator cabinets will be connected to the card-animated four-level mystery progressive Magic Joker Jackpot, signaled when a joker hits the screen and launches a deck of shuffling cards. If the player then is dealt anything but a joker, the game returns to normal play. If the card is a joker, four more cards are dealt to complete a hand that determines the prize. For the show, both Amazeland and Magic Joker will use the 18.5-inch topper for jackpot animation and the machines’ third screens to display jackpot levels.

The innovative new Pinball Roulette takes video representations of the classic table game to a new level. Pinball Roulette is a single-player terminal that combines the attraction of traditional roulette with the amusement factor of a pinball launching mechanism and Octavian’s casino management system ACP, or Accounting Control Progressives. All Super Gaminator V+ III terminals at Novomatic’s booth will link to ACP to demonstrate the modular functionalities of the ACP system.

Among the features in the Super-V+ Gaminator III section of the booth will be two market-specific Asian game mixes: the Super-V+ Gaminator A2 multi-game mix based on Coolfire II and the Novo Line Interactive Macao-Mix based on the Novo Line Interactive server-based-ready platform.

Multiplayer gaming has long been an important part of the Novomatic mix, and that’s true again at G2E Asia. On display will be a Novo Line Novo Unity II multiplayer installation with six player terminals and one automated roulette wheel. Each terminal will be linked to eight electronic live games as well as video slots: Players can choose among Novo Multi-Roulette as well as the fully animated Flying range of Roulette, Double Action Roulette, Baccarat, Black Jack, Poker, Bingo and Sic Bo.


Novo Line Novo Unity II multiplayer terminals with automated roulette wheel.

And for the first time in Asia, Novomatic will show its new, flexible and comprehensive video content delivery system, packed into a sophisticated one-stop-shop hardware and software solution: Admiral Absolute Vision. It allows operators to display video content from diverse sources on all types of screens in different flexible configurations.

It’s a wide-ranging collection of games, options and technology, in line with what Asian operators have come to expect from Novomatic.

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