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SPIELO International unveils a new advanced analytics module for its GALAXIS™ casino system  

Monday, 29 April 2013 15:32
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SPIELO International’s innovative and flexible GALAXIS™ casino system encompasses a complete set of tools for managing slots and/or systems, and enhancing the ability of operators to attract, do analysis and reward players accordingly. Its manifold strengths derive from the fact that it is both modular and comprehensive.


“With our systems, everything is modular so casinos can just plug and play,” explains Chiang Lai Fatt, General Manager-Asia Pacific Casino Systems for SPIELO International, based in Kuala Lumpur. “And we allow the customers to choose the modules they want, which many of the major systems do not allow. I don’t think other companies will just sell you the hardware. Or if you need only our slot portions, we will just put in the slot portions. If you need only jackpots, we can do that, too.”


At the International Casino Exhibition held in February in London, SPIELO International demonstrated a new module for GALAXIS, called GALAXIS ANALYTICS, which the company describes as “a sophisticated module that analyses the rich gaming floor data in the GALAXIS datastore and enables casino operators to react to changes in customer behaviour to drive additional revenue and profits.”


GALAXIS ANALTICS includes gameViz, a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows casino operators to visualize activity on the gaming floor, enabling them to identify practical ways to improve revenues and profitability. The recent integration of gameViz into the GALAXIS systems portfolio was accomplished in partnership with BIS2, a world leader in computer-generated analytics visualization known as “Super Graphics”.


With the addition of GALAXIS ANALYTICS, GALAXIS now has nine modules with solutions and applications that manage operations across every area of the casino. The GALAXIS portfolio streamlines operations and helps increase gaming revenues by analyzing gaming activity and performance, attracting players, and rewarding them with marketing promotions and services.


GALAXIS’ modules are connected across the gaming floor via SPIELO International’s advanced GALAXIS CONNECT network, which includes a touchscreen interface at the game for more powerful communications and advertising, player services, and an array of cashless options: qpon cash™ for ticket in/ticket-out (TITO); chip cash™ for smart card; and an innovative magnetic stripe card serverbased solution called cash wallet™.


“Jackpots are also one of our key strengths in systems,” says Mr Chiang. “Our jackpots system can actually run all the jackpots— progressive, mystery—without the need for an external controller. Some customers use a system, but they still need an external Modular Enhancement SPIELO International unveils a new advanced analytics module for its GALAXIS™ casino system


GALAXIS now has nine modules with solutions and applications that manage operations across every area of the casino. SYSTEM2go is a Web-based slot floor management solution that is ideally suited to small casinos and club markets. controller to run the jackpot. Our system can generate all of it, which in the end saves the customer money.”


He stresses the flexibility that is a hallmark of SPIELO International’s approach to systems technology. It’s about “different systems for different markets,” he says, which places SPIELO International and its flexible, customizable approach in a unique position. “With GALAXIS, we have a full-blown system for big-scale operations. We also have a simpler system with SYSTEM2go™ that is Web-based, which can cater to any size of multi-site outlets with less than 10 or up to more than 100 machines, and which is very easy to install as well.”


SYSTEM2go, also on display at ICE, is a Web-based slot floor management solution that is ideally suited to small casinos and club markets such as Indochina, Malaysia, and Singapore. The versatile and intuitive bundle of technologies performs a range of essential functions, from accounting to player tracking to jackpot management and control.


“Even though we call it a light alternative to GALAXIS, it’s a complete tool,” Mr Chiang notes. “You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a system.”


With SYSTEM2go, operators can select from four different packages—Advantage, Gold, Platinum TK, and Platinum CC—and trade up as their needs require, starting with core accounting, reporting, and jackpot management tools and later adding ticket-in/ ticket-out, player-tracking, and card cashless functionalities.


The punch is delivered in the form of comprehensive, customizable performance reports, a powerful mystery and progressive jackpots engine that can create big wide-area jackpots, and loyalty-building tools. Because it’s Web-based, management can remotely access real-time information from a single property, even a single machine, or across an entire multi-site estate and develop reports that extract, manage, and analyze the data critical to decision-making.


Set-up is quick and simple using a standard Internet connection. The thinking from the start was to make it as user-friendly as possible.


“It was the No. 1 thing we were looking at for this system,” Mr Chiang says. “Especially when you go to places like Indochina, where you must expect to have user-friendly products for them. And it’s very good for venues where they have high turnover of staff because it’s very easy to train someone on it. The application is so easy to use—just one hour, and that’s it.”


Data hosting and management can also be outsourced to SPIELO International, which can be a real help to smaller operations with limited staff and resources.

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