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Cole Kepro continues to build on its reputation for industry-leading slot cabinet design and the most advanced manufacturing techniques

Friday, 03 August 2012 17:28
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7700 Slant Top—versatile, option-rich

Cole Kepro, a global leader in the design and manufacture of gaming cabinets, is focused on growing its presence on East Asia’s casino floors with an aggressive strategy aimed at leveraging the company’s core strengths in product innovation via a faster, more efficient pipeline for getting those innovations to market.

As CEO Frederick Cook Jr. puts it, “We’re looking past being a small cabinet shop in Las Vegas to being a global player.” Unlike its turn-key approach to cabinet design, this is a plan that involves a lot of moving parts: it takes in reducing cycle times, building in efficiencies at each stage of the manufacturing process, deepening the company’s understanding of its core competencies and building on the strengths of its partners in technology.

Thanks to design processes that emphasize what Mr Cook calls a “commonality of components”—standardization, in essence—like a new generic wiring harness and the introduction of generic fabrication techniques that allow parts to be easily snapped in and out—together with the introduction of round-the-clock shifts at Cole Kepro’s 134,000-square-foot factory in North Las Vegas—average time to market has been reduced from 16 weeks to four.

“We’re really looking to balance our supply chain,” he says.

Standardization has also resulted in designs that work off a single CPU and power supply, that incorporate the same connections for games and peripherals, and support multiple software configurations—real value-adds for operators—not to mention boxes that are more durable, more wearable, with glass that doesn’t break or buttons that jar loose.

“It’s the attention to detail,” notes Cole Kepro President Glenn Wichinsky. “Everything well-grounded.”

At the heart of these innovations is the company’s new Fast Track technology, a CPU harness designed to interface the game board or CPU to a pre-wired cabinet. This new CPU box can then be used in other Fast Track cabinets or changed out for quick upgrades on the floor. It also means that slot techs will be familiar with all internal components, even among different models.

The bottom line for the operator: greater flexibility and reduced costs.

Fast Track is one of the optional highlights of Cole Kepro’s new 7700 Slant Top, which comes with either 22-inch or 26-inch widescreen LCDs, a variety of LED lighting choices, an elevating bill validator and integrated speaker ports. Available features include AC/DC power distribution box and a bold 3.1 Sound System with subwoofer.

For a lower profile (26 inches in total height) there’s the 2800 Drop-In Slant Top, similarly packed with features, like a “Pop Top” 26-inch widescreen main LCD and pop-up bill validator.

The 2600, at a mere 17.5 inches in height, takes an even more compact approach without sacrificing versatility. It comes with a 20.1-inch 16:9 LCD, backlit deck glass, an exclusive “Flow Through” cabinet ventilation system and a Willex 2.1 Sound System with subwoofer.

Then there are the classic Evolver Series Uprights. These are led by the 2238 single and 2248 dual 22-inch LCDs—both with Fast-Track wiring and AC/DC power distribution box capabilities, a variety of LED lighting choices and optional 3.1 Sound System—and the 6800 Slim Line, 37 inches high, a svelte 20 inches in width and only 18 inches deep.

The Evolver Series also includes stand-alone and wall-mounted kiosks. The former comes with an advanced 19-inch touchscreen LCD, card and barcode readers and Fast Track capability. The latter features a 20.1-inch touchscreen LCD plus a card reader and LED side and back lights.

Every Cole Kepro cabinet can be customized further with a variety of top boxes. There’s a spacious “Chop Box” for accommodating glass, progressive meter or LCD display; a classic “Round Top”; a “Square Top” available in a variety of heights; a slender “Pizza Box,” ideal for player-tracking systems; and colored LED toppers and a 17-inch video topper available in an array of marquee patterns.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant to put it all together—everything from basic metal frames to fully wired turnkey cabinets—Cole Kepro is truly a one-stop shop.

The Vegas plant employs SolidWorks 3D CAD software for mechanical design and a Fabrication Department equipped with two automated Amada EMLK combination laser punches, five Cincinnati press brakes and several spot welding and Pemsetting stations. An additional Amada Quatro laser is featured in a fully equipped model shop. So whether it’s a complete custom project or an upgrade or conversion kit you’re looking for, they have the tools and the experience for the job. They do full onsite refurbishments. They can also customize a complete wiring harness or power solution and put together a build-to-suit development and test station to match your product.

Importantly, pre-lab testing is available as well for proving out a cabinet’s grounding stability, and heat testing is provided to help operators through the certification process. Training and technical support are always available.

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