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SPIELO International presented its latest product line-up of games and systems solutions as well as its enhanced sales presence at G2E Asia 2012

Friday, 22 June 2012 18:35
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With Master Roulette, SPIELO has transformed the classic table game into a versatile electronic playing experience

With SYSTEM2Go, SPIELO International has crafted a Web-based slot floor management solution that is ideally suited to small casinos and club markets, such as Indochina, Malaysia and Singapore. As you might expect from this, it was one of the highlights of the company’s exhibit at last month’s G2E Asia.

A “light” alternative to the company’s end-to-end GALAXIS system is how Chiang Lai Fatt, general manager-Asia Pacific for Casino Systems, refers to SYSTEM2Go. It’s an entirely apt description, even if it belies to some degree just how versatile and intuitive this Web-based bundle of technologies is in performing a range of essential functions, from accounting to player tracking to jackpot management and control.

“Even though we call it a light alternative to GALAXIS, it’s a complete tool,” Mr Chiang notes. “You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a system.”

The goal was to create a comprehensive online slot floor system for facilities with a limited number of machines in one or in multiple venues, allowing them to get it off the ground from scratch and get their floors connected for automated readings and reporting. This meant it had to deliver considerable punch, but at a price point that makes sense in those markets. To accomplish this, SYSTEM2Go is sold with hardware and software bundled into a single low cost package. What also makes it uniquely affordable is that it’s modular. Operators can select from four different packages—Advantage, Gold, Platinum TK and Platinum CC—and trade up as their needs require, starting with core accounting, reporting and jackpot management tools and later adding ticket-in/ticket-out, player-tracking and card cashless functionalities.

The punch is delivered in the form of comprehensive, customizable performance reports and a powerful mystery and progressive jackpots engine that can create big Wide Area Jackpots (WAPs), with loyalty building tools.

Because it’s Web-based, management can remotely access real-time information from a single property, even a single machine, to an entire multi-site estate and develop reports that extract, manage and analyze the data critical to decision-making.

Set-up is quick and simple using a standard Internet connection. The thinking from the start was to make it as user friendly as possible.

“It was the No. 1 thing we were looking at for this system,” Mr Chiang says. “Especially when you go to places like Indochina, where you must expect to have user-friendly products for them. And it’s very good for venues where they have high turnover of staff, because it’s very easy to train someone on it. The application is so easy to use—just one hour, and that’s it.”

Data hosting and management can also be outsourced to SPIELO International, which can be a real help to smaller operations with limited staff and resources.

SYSTEM2Go is currently deployed in a number of small casinos and slot halls in Europe. It was installed simultaneously across the major slot hall groups in Malta earlier this year. To comply with Malta’s new slot hall regulations SYSTEM2Go was customized to provide a detailed report of players’ individual activities, which it does at the player’s request. It’s also installed in South America. The Asian markets are next. “We want to introduce it to all the clubs in the region,” says Mr Chiang.

SPIELO International also presented a comprehensive range of compelling new games for the Asian market, another area where the company sees Asia as a significant growth opportunity. SPIELO International brought 14 new titles to the show, and two of them—Egyptian Gold and KiTTY CASH—are progressive links. The company also introduced a simplified Chinese language version of its diversity multigame slot, a powerful product with up to 10 different game types and volatility levels, all configurable by the player for denomination and bet. At the show visitors could explore two new diversity games suites, Absolute Azure and Gambling Green, with Roulette now available as a selection in the game suites.

“We’re committed to this market and expect to grow our presence significantly in the next few years,” says Maria Garcia, director of sales for Asia. “Asia is a major component of our company’s medium- and long-term growth strategy, and the outlook for this market is extremely positive. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our Asia-based staff, as well as our compelling games and innovative systems solutions, we definitely see more opportunities arising from many different parts of the continent.”

Egyptian Gold is a five-level progressive in which players unlock additional features and bet options as they ascend to higher levels on a graphically and aurally rich journey through the Egypt of the pharaohs. It’s the first linked game to employ the company’s innovative Episodic Gaming technology, which allows players to save their progress through a game session for reactivation at the same level the next time they return to play. Players choose from one of three different games, each with its own theme and narrative, and collect symbols to move through the levels. “Gold coins” turn into wilds in the base game and propel the player along. At the second level, “Status 2,” the player gets to pick his own bonus feature. In the “Egyptian Gold Bonus,” the object is to fill out five rows with symbols to win the corresponding jackpot for that row. An additional award is randomly revealed at the highest status level. In the five-level “Progressive Playoff,” players choose sarcophagi to unlock prizes. Here they have the potential to win all five progressive jackpots at the same time.

KiTTY CASH, a four-level, touchscreen-enabled linked progressive, stars the popular feline cast from the Artist Collection’s “The Cat.” As with Egyptian Gold, players choose the game they want to play and look to assemble the letters C-A-T to get into the KiTTY CASH bonus, where they fill in the rows with “cat” symbols to win the prize corresponding to the row. The hit frequency on the bonus is almost independent of the bet, but players will appreciate that the higher the bet in the base game, the greater the chances of winning one of the bigger jackpots.

KiTTY CASH also offers the excitement of a “Mystery Cat” bonus which, as the name suggests, is randomly generated. Three “paws” gets you into the free games bonus, which can be re-triggered with the award of an extra free game and a wild symbol. The more the “paws” are retriggered, the more free games and more symbols that become wilds.

The show also was an opportunity for the company to highlight its core games lines, among them Moving Moments, a 40-line offering on the powerful OXYGEN cabinet. Moving Moments features the innovative “Wild Stays, Moves, and Plays,” where a stacked wild—a beautiful young blonde—moves one reel to the right if the player chooses the same bet option in the next spin. The symbol moves to the right until she disappears. In the main game, the player looks for her in the first column, and the next five spins she’s wild. In the free game bonus, with multiplier, you want to see a full stack of her. And she can appear anywhere else on the reels too.

With Master Roulette, also on OXYGEN, SPIELO International has leveraged the classic table game in both its European single-zero and American double-zero versions to create an exciting and versatile electronic playing experience. Players can change the color of the layout and adjust the sound. What’s more interesting, they can choose when to start and stop the wheel in the top screen. So they control the speed of the game while at the same time allowing themselves the fun of trying to control the outcome. Players also can choose to save their favorite bet patterns (up to four) in the system, which also offers draw history and details from the previous game. And the quicker pace means more spins per hour and higher turnover for the casino. Master Roulette is available in five languages: simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, French and Russian.

“Overall, our game library was very well received. Our most popular products at the show were Egyptian Gold featuring episodic gaming, as well as the Kitty Cash multi-level progressive link. Roulette made a strong impression as a standalone product, but customers also enjoyed seeing it integrated in a diversity multigame suite. As well, we were very proud to present our traditional button deck on the OXYGEN cabinet, which we implemented in response to special requests from several Asian customers,” concluded Ms Garcia.


KiTTY CASH, a four-level linked progressive, stars the popular feline cast from the Artist Collection's 'The Cat'

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