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Slovenia’s Interblock offers state-of-the-art electronic multi-player equipment that stands out on crowded casino floors

Monday, 04 June 2012 15:02
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Layout of Interblock's G2E Asia stand

Interblock’s theme for G2E Asia is ‘Fight for the Revenue’—a marketing campaign the company will be continuing throughout 2012. “We call it ‘Fight for the Revenue’ because that’s exactly what casino operators must do out there in the market,” says Tina Ferko, Assistant to Interblock CEO, Tomaž Žvipelj and Public Relations Manager. “Interblock products are all about helping the operators to win that fight.”

At this year’s show, held 22nd to 24th May at Venetian Macao, Interblock will showcase its Organic product range in its distinctive black and red colors at Stand 1019. Under the spotlight will be:

• G4 Organic Virtual offers virtual or video simulation of results for a variety of table games and horse racing. The version of Organic Virtual displayed by Interblock at G2E Asia features baccarat with seven player terminals, a new community display and possibility of “revealing” both player’s and banker’s cards.

• G4 Organic Dice is one of the company’s most internationally-renowned products, offering a broad range of dice games— craps; sic bo; fish-shrimp-crab; or all three at once—that enable casino operators to optimize their floor layout and maximize turnover. The configuration at G2E Asia features eight player terminals.

• G4 Organic Twins belongs to a wide range of products from Interblock’s

Multicenter family, which can be configured in different shapes with 12, 14 and 16 player terminals in a football shape design—a topical theme for 2012, with a number of major international soccer tournaments being held during the year. This multi-game, multi-denomination, multi-player platform features individual Player Information Displays (PIDs) and allows the casino to select between any combination of available games: roulette (single or double zero), dice (craps or sic bo), and video games.


Other recent innovations

Interblock’s G4 Organic Live Pulse— also known as Pulse Arena—was the clear winner of the “Best Multi-Terminal Innovation” award at Inside Asian Gaming’s 2012 Supplier Awards, which was voted on by a panel of judges at major casinos and slot venues around Asia.

The recently launched G4 Organic Live Pulse is the arena-style version of Interblock’s Organic games platform and provides casino operators with anything from tens to hundreds of terminals served by only a handful of human dealers, and can be configured with different game mixes. It’s big news for casinos because it can produce more games per hour for more players at lower cost than traditional live dealer gaming. That’s especially useful in table games-focused, high turnover betting markets such as Macau and Singapore, with limited table space. G4 Organic Live Pulse also offers the high-quality, high visibility overhead display available with the Organic Island series.

Pulse Arena can be configured not only with different numbers of terminals, but also with different game mixes. The version pictured here has 32 play stations and two live games—roulette and baccarat—with the ability to place wagers electronically on a live wheel operated by a croupier or a live shoe being dealt for a baccarat game.

IAG’s annual Supplier Awards have been running for four years, and are voted on by a panel of judges who are all senior executives in the regional casino industry with detailed practical knowledge on what it takes to create successful products in the high-revenue, high-energy Asia-Pacific region. Winning products mostly received more than one nomination and similar score weightings from multiple judges, thus creating a majority winner. The criteria for electronic games were as follows:

- Revenue performance measured by average daily hold over period of installation (65% of the final assessment).

- Operator floor feedback based on software stability, quality of hardware build, ease of servicing (15% of the final assessment).

- Cost flexibility for operators based on the options made available (such as outright purchase/revenue participation/ management contract); this was weighted 15% of the final assessment.

- Crowd pulling appeal of the cabinet and overhead sign (5% of the final assessment).

Meanwhile, G4 Organic Island was voted “Best Multi-Terminal Innovation” at IAG’s 2011 Supplier Awards, and also received an ‘Honorable Mention’ at the 2012 Supplier Awards in the Best Multi-Terminal Product category.

Interblock’s displays for game decisions are among the highest of any multi-terminal in the market. The display on the roulette option is particularly effective, combining pin-sharp video of the wheel in action, as well as an easy-to-read graphical representation of popular winning numbers.

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