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The Good Fight

Slovenia’s Interblock goes into battle on behalf of its casino customers

Thursday, 16 February 2012 17:12
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Into the arena—the LCD screen display above Interblock’s G4 Organic Live Pulse stadium layout

Electronic games maker Interblock proved during ICE 2012 that it packs a punch on the global casino scene. The company recruited a world champion boxer to support its slogan ‘Fight for the Revenue’.

Leading that fight is Interblock’s G4 Organic Live Pulse™—also known as Pulse Arena. The newly launched arena-style version of Interblock’s Organic games platform can provide casino operators with anything from tens to hundreds of terminals served by only a handful of human dealers. That’s big news for casinos because it can produce more games per hour for more players at lower cost than traditional live dealer gaming. That’s especially useful in table games-focused, high turnover betting markets such as Macau and Singapore, with limited table space.

 Pulse Arena can be configured not only with different numbers of terminals, but also with different game mixes. The version at ICE had 32 play stations and two live games— roulette and baccarat—with the ability to place wagers electronically on a live wheel operated by a croupier or a live shoe being dealt for a baccarat game.

The multiple LCD screens placed above the centre of Pulse Arena offer casino operators a product with high visibility on crowded floors and 360-degree views of the betting action for the players. In fact, the overhead display is reminiscent of a scaleddown version of the big screens found above NBA basketball courts or major boxing venues such as the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

So when fellow Slovenian Dejan Zavec— IBF world boxing champion from 2009 to 2011—visited the Interblock stand during ICE at Earls Court in London, he must have felt quite at home with the sporting set up. He was there to promote Interblock’s theme for the show: ‘Fight for the Revenue’—a marketing campaign the company will be continuing throughout the year.

“We call it ‘Fight for the Revenue’ because that’s exactly what casino operators must do out there in the market,” says Tina Ferko, Assistant to Interblock CEO, Tomaž Žvipelj and Public Relations Manager. 

“Interblock products are all about helping the operators to win that fight. The main advantage of the new launched G4 Organic Live Pulse™ is definitely its theatre layout, with the possibility to have multiple terminals, and the fact that it is even more eye-catching and makes a big marketing statement for the casino,” explains Tina Ferko.

“Big LCD screens let people know what is going on in the Arena area. The first thing players in all markets around the world notice is the style of our machines and an easy interface for them to use. It is important for players to understand what they are playing and how to play it. They say ‘Wow, you have beautiful machines’. And when something looks attractive, it makes you want to try it. Our graphic designer, Oskar Mohar, and Joc Pečečnik, the company’s President and Founder do most of the graphics work for the machines. They are the brains behind the designs and they have golden hands.”

Those hands with the Midas touch contributed to Interblock winning orders for 296 Organic terminals at Resorts World Casino New York City—Genting’s property at the Aqueduct racetrack in the Borough of Queens, that opened in October. The order represents a significant portion of the electronic table games terminals in the entire property. The company also has a large number of terminals in the Las Vegas market and so has been ramping up its support team in North America to complement its sales success.

“In the US we have launched a new service organisation, located in our branch office in Las Vegas” explains Tina Ferko.

“It’s for all the installed machines in the US market. If there is an issue with a machine, that machine will report automatically to the service centre, and we will know about it before the casino will,” she adds.

Another Interblock product on display at ICE 2012 was the G4 Organic Roulette™ multiterminal game with the player terminals shaped like footballs. It’s a topical theme for 2012—with a number of major international soccer tournaments being held during the year—and a product that’s already a big success in the US market.

The other Las Vegas debutant on show at ICE was Organic Bartop. As the name suggests, it offers electronic casino-style gaming which allows players to play any offered game right on the bar countertops.

Interblock is not content, however, to stand still and bask in its current success with the Organic range.

“At present, we’re putting a lot of effort into expanding the US office and looking to expand our team in Macau in the future. We don’t modify existing products or enter new markets without thinking carefully about them. We always go step by step.

“We’ve come a long way from a small company run from the company President’s garage at his house, to an international operation. We’re certainly never complacent, but we’re very proud of that.”


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