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With its versatile and cost-effective multi-game products, Latvia-based slot manufacturer DLV look set to grow its presnce in an Asian market hungry for new choice

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 16:48
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The enthusiastic player response to the new slot games on offer at Galaxy Macau since its 15th May opening confirm the belief of DLV Chairman Michail Volokotkin that the long-standing dominance of the major international slot suppliers in Asia could be starting to wane, making way for new brands and products.

Latvia-based DLV was founded in 1994 and initially focused on its home turf in the Baltic region, but gradually expanded its presence into international markets including the European Union, non-EU countries in Eastern Europe, Central America and South America. In February last year, the company made its maiden foray into Asia with the first of several installations in Cambodia.

DLV will be exhibiting its latest innovations at G2E Asia 2011, from 8th to 9th June at The Venetian Macao. On display will be its new DIAMOND Wide Screen cabinet, the follow up to its successful Jewel Jackpot mystery progressive product and additions to its DIAMOND GAMES Premium series.

Inside Asian Gaming spoke to Mr Volokotkin about the unique characteristics of DLV’s products.

IAG: What are the main features of the new DIAMOND Wide Screen cabinet?

Michail Volokotkin: The new DIAMOND Wide Screen cabinet incorporates the latest technological advances to offer several improvements on our previous upright machine, the DIAMOND DTFT.

The DIAMOND Wide Screen features a16:9 resolution display, TITO (ticket in ticket out) support and two hoppers. We’ve also enhanced the sound quality and made other hardware improvements to keep pace with the demands of the dynamic gaming market.

The DIAMOND Wide Screen offers improved ergonomics and player comfort and usability. We’ve also made the new cabinet better suited to the Asian environment by making it more resistant to moisture and dust.

The DIAMOND Wide Screen was unveiled in January at the International Casino Exhibition (ICE) 2011 in London. The new cabinet has undergone significant testing since then, and we have been more than satisfied with the results. The DIAMOND Wide Screen blends robust hardware with attractive design. It is currently awaiting product certification, which we expect to obtain by autumn this year.

What are the new products in the DIAMOND GAMES Premium series?

The DIAMOND GAMES Premium series continues with DIAMOND GAMES Premium IV, V and VI, each of which offers a choice of fifteen game titles.

The predecessor to these products, DIAMOND GAMES Premium III, has earned a solid reputation in the international gaming market and won the attention and trust of operators and players alike.

DIAMOND GAMES Premium III and IV are now available in a wide range of jurisdictions, while DIAMOND GAMES Premium V and VI are currently undergoing testing.

What are the factors behind the success of Jewel Jackpot in Asia?

Jewel Jackpot stands out because of its exceptional price-quality balance and versatility. It has a mystery progressive jackpot, and can be offered either as a standalone product or linked to a network of as many as 254 machines.

Jewel Jackpot has a prominent top screen that enables operators to clearly display the available jackpot, so although large casinos can opt to show the jackpot on large overhead plasma screens, smaller venues with limited space can simply use the top screen.

How is the new Jewel Jackpot 2 different from the original?

The original Jewel Jackpot includes ten games and various themes. The new Jewel Jackpot 2 offers two additional games that are different from the original games, and which we believe are particularly well-suited for the Asian market.

Apart from manufacturing gaming machines, your company also runs 38 gaming venues in Latvia, where DLV machines operate alongside products from the major international slot manufacturers. How do DLV machines perform at those venues, compared to the games from the bigger manufacturers?

As the gaming market developed in Latvia, we had to adapt our products to evolving market conditions in order to remain competitive.

Thus, in addition to the proven game mathematics, rich sound and attractive graphics of our products, we have developed a culture of innovation and market responsiveness that allows us to hold our own against the big manufacturers.

Can you describe your technical support in Asia?

We have strong technical support in Asia and our technicians can provide service and assistance in installing, operating and updating the products.

We are also able to offer back-up and maintenance for our products through our partnerships with hardware manufacturers in Taiwan, who we’ve been working with for the past ten years.

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