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FutureLogic’s GEN3 Evolution® ticket printer and PromoNet® promotional coupon system lead the way in casino floor technology

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 14:54
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This year at G2E Asia, FutureLogic will demonstrate live the benefits of its new GEN3 EvolutionR ticket printer working in conjunction with its PromoNetR promotional coupon system.

The new GEN3 Evolution printer was specifically designed with promotional couponing in mind. An on-board promotional system available as an option can create separate and secure processing environments for both TITO [ticket in ticket out] and promotional couponing. Soon after its introduction, the GEN3 Evolution printer received an honourable mention in the Best Productivity Enhancement Technology category of a major industry magazine’s annual awards.

“The PromoNet solution, together with our new GEN3 Evolution printer, can deliver photographic-quality coupons into the hands of carded and non-carded players through specifically targeted intelligent triggers and promotions,” said John Edmunds, Vice President FutureLogic International Markets. “Operators can, for example, automatically reward anonymous players in real-time at the slot machine after they have spent a predetermined amount of time or money in their first play session through to their last.”

The GEN3 Evolution utilises the latest printing and communications technologies to offer:

• Easy, reliable direct system connection over an Ethernet (Transmission Control Protocol/IP) interface

• Photographic-quality printing

• Large 450-ticket capacity tray

• Ability to print and present tickets in less than one second

• An optional expansion card providing 32GB of additional memory.

With industry-exclusive Advanced Graphics Printing and room for 450 tickets in less than three inches of vertical space (the standard height of all TITO printers), the GEN3 Evolution printer can save operators over 30 refills or US$300 per year per game.

The GEN3 Evolution printer is designed to keep pace with current—and future— demands of server-based gaming, promotional couponing and continually evolving TITO markets. The printer’s TITO game ports include RS-232, Netplex and USB 2.0 (supporting the following protocols: Gaming Standards Association, Gaming Device Standard, single personal computer/IGT, server-based gaming). Promotional ports include Ethernet, USB 2.0 and RS-232.

The GEN3 Evolution printer features PBS™ (Programmable Bursting Scheme) that can be used to ‘burst’ single or multiple joined coupons directly into the player’s hand during or after a play session. Like the GEN2™ series of printers, the GEN3 Evolution is ‘hot swappable’, i.e., it can be removed from the game or replaced without shutting down the game or the system.

It offers ITHR (Intelligent Ticket Handling) which ensures tickets are only available after they are fully printed and burst from the machine. The product also has an IntelligentBezel™ feature, to reduce paper jams.

PromoNet can also work with FutureLogic’s earlier GEN2 Universal™ printer, turning the latter, like the GEN3, into a multifunctional marketing tool, linking promotional campaigns to specific player actions, activities or behaviour.

With its unique ability to create campaigns for both carded and non-carded players, the PromoNet solution can help casinos boost club membership and reach out to all players. It allows casinos to trigger a marketing campaign automatically based on game play metrics, player tracking information, POS [point of sale] systems and redemption terminals. This gives casino marketers the ability to issue a coupon at the game to attract and retain customers. For players, these offers provide valuable savings and incentives, thereby enhancing their casino or casino resort experience.

In addition to the GEN3 Evolution printer and PromoNet solution, FutureLogic will also exhibit the following products at the show:

The GEN2 Universal™ server-based printer supports a variety of network protocols and can be configured to communicate with multiple hosts simultaneously.

The CouponXpress™ printer brings all of the popular GEN2 Universal™ gaming printer’s features, functions and flexibility from the slot floor to the desktop.

The Eclipse™ universal ticket and receipt printer is designed for Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) and unattended kiosks.

The TableXchange® printer/scanner connects table games to the casino’s existing network by scanning and printing TITO vouchers.

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