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Gaming Partners International continues raising the bar for supplying secure and versatile casino chips, plaques and jetons

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 12:00
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Galaxy Macau, which opened 15th May, gave Gaming Partners International (GPI)—the world’s leading provider of casino currency—its biggest ever order with a new gaming venue, and extended the dominance of the company’s products in Asia. The chips and plaques for Galaxy Macau are from GPI’s prestigious Bourgogne & GrassetR line of casino currency products. They include a variety of styles, shapes and colour combinations, as well as a number of security features, including RFID. GPI has supplied a number of chip sets that are customised to meet the casino’s aesthetic, operational and security requirements.

The RFID technology offered with all GPI’s lines of casino currency allows casinos to verify the authenticity and value of each chip instantly, reducing the possibility of counterfeiting, staff pilferage or miscounts. With specialized readers and software, this technology enables casinos to track individual chips throughout the gaming floor as well as follow payments, fills and credits, tips, and wins and losses per table at any time of the day.

GPI’s casino currency products include high-quality chips, plaques and jetons, all available with a variety of security features and customisation options. GPI’s products, which also include other table game equipment, are manufactured worldwide in its high security, high-capacity production facilities. The company’s products have been used in casinos all over the world since 1925.

A full range of products from Gaming Partners International will be on display at G2E Asia, including two highlight new products, the Portable Chip Reader and Chip Inventory System 2.0.

Portable Chip Reader

GPI’s Portable Chip Reader gives casinos the ultimate flexibility in authenticating and validating RFID-enabled gaming chips, plaques and jetons. By enabling casino staff to quickly and accurately read, authenticate and count their RFID currency items from any location at any time, the Portable Chip Reader extends RFID currency protection from the cage or chip bank to the table, the pit podium or even to back-of-house counting areas.

Utilising the latest RFID high-frequency technologies, the Portable Chip Reader combines the latest Magellan MARS 24 reader with a two-dimensional antenna that can read RFID chips in mass, in stacks or in racks. Encased in a sleek, portable case that includes a chip reading surface that can be customized with the casino’s individual logo, the Portable Chip Reader is able to quickly authenticate individual RFID chips and chip stacks that contain up to 20 chips. It can also quickly authenticate up to 200 chips that are still in their trays, and all validation information is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display that shows both the number of pieces being authenticated as well as the total value amount. Additionally, its high-speed reading capabilities make it possible to read up to 400 chips per second while simultaneously identifying whether the chips are authentic, valid casino currency. This makes it possible for casino staff to easily identify and remove foreign, non-casino chips. Designed for ease-of-use and reliability, its durable design is easy to transport throughout the casino, and it has a universal power supply that works with any voltage.

Chip Inventory System 2.0

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track the location and status of all enabled chips throughout your casino, GPI’s Chip Inventory System helps casinos increase inventory movement efficiency and security and gain valuable insight into their operations. By tracking currency from the cage or vault to its authorized location on the gaming floor, it allows real-time monitoring and authentication of inventory and provides instant and accurate validation of chip amounts and serial numbers. Additionally, it increases the accuracy of chip cash in and out transactions by verifying manual counts and can be integrated with third-party table management systems. To learn more, contact your local Gaming Partners International account executive or call +1 702 384 2425.

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