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Walker Digital Gaming’s Perfect Pay Remote Betting offers bigger volumes, greater player excitement and better table performance for operators

Sunday, 01 May 2011 16:56
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At a time when Macau gaming operators are facing rising labour costs and a government cap on the number of tables in the market, any product that can get table betting volumes up without needing extra table inventory is going to be a hit with the casinos.

Walker Digital Gaming’s Perfect Pay Remote Betting offers just such a solution. It’s based on WDG’s Perfect Pay table system that has the ability, thanks to radio frequency identification technology, to know the precise state of bets and payments in the game at any given point in the play.

Perfect Pay Remote Betting takes the process a step further by allowing back betting remotely without crowding the actual table and without slowing down the game for payouts.

“With the power of the Perfect Pay Network, because we know everything that’s happening in the game, we can wirelessly or remotely—whether it’s on a tablet or a slot cabinet—allow people to basically virtually back bet real players playing on a real game in a real casino,” explains Stephen Moore, Managing Director WDG Macau Ltd.

Chinese card players love to follow trends in numbers and to track the activity of ‘lucky’ or winning players. Perfect Pay Remote Betting allows them to tap in to those trends with an instant review of the action on any WDG Perfect Pay Network table across the floor. Even better, the remote players can ride the lucky trend without disturbing the rhythm of the winning player. That sometimes happens when high stakes back bettors try to direct the call of the principal player at the table.

“Say you as an operator had 100 Perfect Pay tables in your casino. Patrons could come in and say ‘Show me all the tables that have play within such and such criteria,’” explains Mr Moore.

“It could be, for example, ‘Show me all the tables with a Banker trend of five or longer’—or whatever makes them feel lucky. As a player, you can then select the table and you can place your bet. You don’t have to walk around the floor worried that you’re going to miss a trend. You touch the denomination you want on the remote screen and touch to confirm the bet.”

Perfect Pay Remote Betting gives players an instant review of all the action on the floor without the back bettor even needing to be in sight of the tables.

“Many of the operators we’re talking to say: ‘Even in our high limit rooms we have chairs and lounge areas. You can put remote betting tablets in there.”

Perfect Pay Remote Betting can do all that without slowing down the play at tableside.

“What happens when people start back betting at the table itself on the mass floor when the trend goes high is that the game slows down,” explains Stephen Moore.

“You can be four or five minutes on a pay out. So if you’re an enterprising operator you can say ‘I’ll move all my back bettors off the actual physical table to speed the main game up.’ Then you can use the Perfect Pay Network to get more back bettors involved in the game. As a back bettor using the WDG system I can get paid electronically. Even better, I can re-bet while the dealer is paying out at table.

“Because Perfect Pay Network is a lower cost way of increasing the number of bettors compared to adding more physical table capacity, as an operator you can even afford to lower the minimum bet to push up your betting volumes,” adds Mr Moore.

Even away from the mass floor, Perfect Pay Remote Betting has the potential to boost operators’ efficiency. “In a high limit area where the player has a private table, if his trend goes out, he’s going to get up and move to another table,” says Stephen Moore.

“The problem then is there could be more than one other hot table that he wants to bet on at the same time. With Perfect Pay Remote Betting he can get more action on another table while he’s betting on his main table. Our system offers excitement for the players and improved performance for the operators Stephen Moore in every segment of the table market.”

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