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Melco Resorts announces “City of the Future” Japan IR concept

Friday, 01 December 2017 04:30
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Melco Resorts & Entertainment has unveiled its Japan IR concept titled “The City of the Future” – a futuristic and eco-friendly integrated resort boasting state-of-the art facial recognition technology aimed at combatting problem gambling.

At a special ceremony held in Tokyo on Thursday, Melco Resorts Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho met with the President of the company’s Japanese office, Ako Shiraogawa, to discuss initial plans for developing an integrated resort for the Japanese market.

The concept aims to create the most advanced gaming and entertainment destination in the world while still holding true to the distinct history and heritage of Japan, Melco said. The company added that its “team of architects, advisors and environmental specialists are working to make the site both energy-neutral and aesthetically daring.

“Design teams have imagined a futuristic façade that seamlessly integrates into the surrounding environment while subtly expressing key motifs in Japanese landscape design. And integrated throughout the entire property will be the world’s most advanced facial recognition technology for enabling responsible gaming and security.

“Developed directly by Melco, the biometric intelligence system would make the proposed Melco IR the safest and most protected site possible using commercial technologies today.”

Melco will also offer the Japanese government back-end access and data-sharing with its systems free-of-charge to ensure effective collaboration in safeguarding against potential gaming-related social issues.

Hosting a presentation for Melco’s Japan leadership team, Ho said, “It’s still early days in the long road ahead to a potential IR in Japan, so while some details may change along the way, what absolutely will not [change] is this – We will do in Japan what we have done since our very first day, what we have delivered in Macau, the Philippines and Cyprus [which is to] build with local partners, invest in extraordinary world-first architecture and design, create sophisticated entertainment experiences and embed state-of-the-art technology into everything we do.

“We dream big, think different and deliver more. What does that mean in practice? Our resorts add to their communities. The City of the Future will make its surroundings even better. It will cultivate sustainable local consumption. And it will attract the most valuable type of tourism – mass luxury.”

Explaining details of Melco’s IR technology, Shiraogawa said, “This proprietary technology demonstrates our deep commitment to developing and implementing practical solutions for the government's ongoing consideration of how to uphold socially safe integrated resorts. Its back-end technology can be updated as regulations evolve and on the front-end, the state-of-the-art biometric interface eliminates nearly all risk of human error.”

"In the months ahead, we look forward to sharing more on how our teams and partners, our entire approach, is oriented around delivering the answer to one simple question: How do we give Japan not just the best, but the kind of offer that will keep getting better?”

Melco Resorts also announced that it has expanded its Japan team, with new additions including former Director of Marketing & Communications for Lanvin, Maki Hiromi, and former Director of Development for Nexon, Shumpei Kumagi.


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