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Right, because at the endof theday
we’redoing aproduction.Mywife is in
the film industry in feature animation
and there aremany,many commonalities
in theproductionprocess.We’redoing
animations andmappingout stories and
possibleoutcomes. It just comes down to
being entertainment.Nomatter howbrief,
you’re taking aplayer fromonepoint to
whatever that endpoint is.
Oneof the things I love about slot
machines – and I’m the first to admit I’m
not a table games guy – is that yougo into
amovie andhowevermuch that costs
youwith somepopcorn andwhatever,
if you’re lucky you see amovie that’s 90
minutes long so youget 90minutes of
entertainment and something to talk about
abit later. Bu thatmoney you’ve givenup
is gone.
With a slotmachine I can takeHK$100
andmaybe turn that intoHK$30million.
And yeah, there is almost no chanceof that
happening…but there
a chance. That’s
not something you can say aboutmovies.
Slotmachines are aspirational. And the
fun isn’t just at themachine.When you
sit down andwatchplayers play, there is
that hesitationbetween two spinswhere
it’s like, “Okay, this spin is going tobe the
onewheremy life changes forever.” So they
arenot soquick topush the button always
because theywant to live in that fantasy
for a little bit. It all comes down tobeing
Also, ingaming, we’re all vying for those
samediscretionary dollars. Peoplehaveonly
somuchmoney to spendon entertainment
whether it be going to a concert or amovie
orwhatever itmight be.Wewant togive
them something that alsogives them a
chance at a life changing event.
IAG: Soyoumoved toShanghai to
start AspectGaming.Was it aculture
shock for you?
I’ve been there almost nine years.
Culturally it is quite different but it has
just been such awonderful opportunity
to experience a different part of theworld
and a tremendous culture. I think that
Shanghai is the best place to live inChina.
We’ve got everything there. It hasn’t always
been that way.Whenwe first arrived there
were certain things you just couldn’t
get food-wise but that has changed
considerably. The only thingwe can’t get is
goodMexican food and as Californianswe
loveMexican food! But some of the biggest
challengeswere things like hiring people
and getting used to theway we needed to
work to get the best out of our employees.
That was a big challenge.
IAG:HowhasMacau’s rapid
development in that nineyears
We’ve learnt a lot fromgaming in
Macau andwe’ve seen the transition to
what it is now. I used tohave ahard time
getting a flight fromShanghai toMacau.
The last two years it seems likemost of the
time theplanes have beenhalf empty and
the tickets cheaper. But that seems tobe
changing again these last coupleofmonths.
I’venoticed theplanes being abit fuller
again. It’s exciting. I seeMacaubouncing
back and I think themassmarket players
are starting to showup.
Theother thing is that therehave been
some really fantastic properties opening
up inMacau recently. It’s great to see the
diversity that we’renow seeing in terms of
what is offered and the experience. It’s not
just gaming and I thinkMacau is learning,
asVegas did, that youhave to stepback and
reinvent yourself.
IAG: Itwouldbe remissofmenot to
askabout your return toacting. I hear
you’ve recently starred inanewfilm?
Yes! I had anopportunity to audition
for apart in amovie, I got apart in the
movie and I got to film it! I’mnow 56 years
old so tohave theopportunity tobe in a
movie is something that doesn’t come
along every coupleof weeks. I was thrilled
tobe included in it, I like themovie, there
are some really talentedpeople in it and
there is already talk of doing a secondone
andmaybe a thirdone.
Themovie is called
part is that of aCIA agent. I guess I just
kindof fit the bill. Type-casting! So it was
awonderful experience and I’m looking
forward to that filmbeing releasedhere
pretty soon.
“Witha slotmachine I can takeHK$100
andmaybe turn that intoHK$30million.
Andyeah, there isalmostno chanceof that
happening…but there isa chance.That’s
not somethingyou can sayaboutmovies.”
TonyPayne i
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