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IAG:Whenyou talkabout serving the
market, areyou referring to the themes
andconceptsyouused inyourgames?
It was really, for us, about themes that
resonatedwithplayers on adeeper level.We
didn’t want togo theway of pandabears
andbamboo, wewanted tohave something
that wasmeaningful.Our approach is the
same today.We couldn’t competewith the
bigguys onbuying licenses and things
like that, sowewanted tohave something
else. For example, wehave a game called
“BackyardGold.” It’s a story about a guy
who finds 300pieces of gold and, not
knowingwhat todowith it, digs ahole
inhis backyard, buries the gold and then
puts a sign there saying “There arenot 300
pieces of goldburiedhere.”
It’s a story that is knownuniversally
throughChina sowhenwedid that game,
what weobservedwas players seeing the
game and recognizing it. It has borrowed
brand equity and it puts a smileonpeople’s
faceswhich is nice. By doing that, our small
companymade some games that worked
IAG: It seems tome that there isnow
a lotof similaritybetweengambling
games, computergamesandeven
films in regards tonotonly tellinga real
storybutalso theproductionvalues
required tostandout from thecrowd?
“When I started
working for this
company, I said, ‘Wow,
this iseverything
that I thoughtabout
entertainment.’ For
me, entertainment
doesn’thave tobean
artmovieandhave so
muchgravity, be so
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