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Cover Story
countries represented on the show floor has undoubtedly helped
make that happen.
But it’s also the senseof partnership that we’ve beenworking
hard to achieve that has had a crucial role inour development. This
has been a vitally important emphasis for us.
“MGS isdesigned todelivera
broadbalanceof theproductsand
services thatmakesour industry
tick… thisportfolio iswhatyou
see, feel andexperience inour
casinoseverydayand it’swhat
makesour industryprogress,
We’vemanaged to secure the confidenceof theMacauSAR
Government whichhas provided consistent and expanding support
through various key departments – thePRC, too, is nowplaying a
significant part through their liaisonoffice in theSAR – andwehave
ever-growing support not just fromour domesticChinese buyers
community, but buyers from across the globe.
I think it’s an impressive start to the show’s development, but
we all recognize that you cannot stop evolving andmoving forward.
So there is definitelymore to come.
BB:Whatnewadditionscanweexpect from thisyear’sshow?
MGS is an interesting concept. Because it’s relatively young as
an event, andowned and runby a very broadbased industry, we’re
able to represent themarketplace trends quite effectively.
Our key focus ismakingMGS thehome to innovation and
creativity. Andwhilst that’s aphilosophy, it does translate itself
on to the showfloor. Thatmeans thenewplatforms and systems
in technology; the latest creative ideas behindgaming and
entertainment content; the innovations that bring changes to the
waywe runour businesses; and the supporting sectors of style,
culture andhospitality that keeppeople inour resorts and casinos
for longer.
MGS is designed todeliver abroadbalanceof theproducts
and services thatmakes our industry tick, fromnew arenas such
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,...48
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