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BenBlaschke: FirstlyMrChun, thenameof the show
has changed this year fromMacaoGamingShow toMGS
Entertainment Show.Whatwas the reason for thechange?
The straight-forward answer is that it’s about delivering
thewhole casino andgaming experience to the global industry. The
casinomarketplace is sodifferent now – it’s constantly evolving and
repositioning itself. Andweneed to represent that forceof progress
and change.
Our industry has a core base –gaming. That’s the real lifeblood
that keeps the business thriving and that’s represented through the
cutting edge, creative and innovative forces inplatforms, systems
and content.
But there is farmore that drives a casino or a resort. Now
more than ever, the player is a consumer, a visitor, a customer.
And that requires a broader andmore challenging perspective
from our business.
The casinoor gamingmix is radically changing, but in a very
excitingway. It’s growingup, it’s becoming trulymainstreamwhich
iswhat thename change is all about.Wewant tobring the full
casino experience to theMGSEntertainment Show. After all, what is
gaming if it isn’t entertaining?
BB: This year represents the fourthyear sinceMGS started.
Howhas the showevolved in that time?
I feel the show has certainly established itself as a
permanent fixture on the international expo calendar. Three years
of sustained growth in the number of exhibitors, visitors and
Mr JayChun
, Chairman
of showorganizerMacao
(MGEMA), discusses the
evolutionof theMGS
Entertainment Showas it
celebrates its fourthyear.
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