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“Thegaming industry isoneof
themost innovative, pioneering
and creative sectors in the
businessworld…MGS isaiming
toreflect this.”
Cover Story
that – theywant the full experience. Theywant togame, theywant to
dine, theywant to luxuriate, theywant todance, theywant culture –
theywant entertainment in asmany forms as possible. Andweneed
tounderstandhow todeliver this and to find the formula that keeps
people comingback again and again.
This iswhat the resort experience is really about –make gaming
fun,make it entertaining,make it exciting,make it a full visitor
And so this iswherewewill be enhancing andbroadeningour
offering.Wewill remain totally committed todelivering the core
essentials of topquality, cutting edge gaming technologywith the
leading slots, ETGs and table games from the biggest and the best
around theworld. All thenew innovationswill be thereproviding
the best on themarket.
But the buyerswill alsobe coming fromother areas of the
casinooperation – thehospitality side, the back-officemanagement
side, the shopping side, the food anddrink side, the entertainment
side. Theywill alsobewalking the floor atMGS looking to add to
the services thatmake the full casino resort experiencework.
BB: Inaddition,MGSwill beaddingaTourismandCulture
ZoneandaStyleand FashionZone.Whatwillwe see
in theseandare they in response to thegovernment’s
all-roundpush for amorediversifiedentertainment
experience inMacau?
Themachinery that drives the casino economy is vast – it
now pulls its resources from such a broad range of industries,
some of which you could not have envisaged last year, let alone
five years ago.
Most people in the industrywould appreciate thatmy own
businesses are verymuch aligned to the gaming concept and
making the games exciting and fun for theplayer, so I’m always
meetingwith the technical innovators and the content creatives.
Butmore recently the calls tomeet are coming from farmore
diverse quarters. In thepast fewweeks, I’ve been invited toEurope
for the launchof anew luxury chocolate brand; toParis for the
openingof anew collectionof paintings by a talentedFrench
artist; and to London for dinner at aPremier Leaguematch. This
isn’t because I eat a lot of chocolate, canpaint awall or amon the
transfermarket toplay football!
It’s because of the allure andpotency of the broad based
casino industry.
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