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as social gaming to the traditional newgames that will electrify our
players; frompioneering ideas like, dare I say it, robotic dealers to
those iGaming initiatives that combatmoney laundering and fraud
attacks; from the finest cuisine andwinemakers to artistswhose
work adorns our casinohalls and rooms.
This is just a snapshot of what we’reworking towards bothnow
andover thenext decade. It’s clearly varied, but it’s also focused.
This portfolio iswhat you see, feel and experience inour casinos
every day and it’swhatmakes our industry progress, develop and
deliver every day.
BB: Canyou tell us abit about theTechnologyZoneat this
year’s show?Whatwas themotivation toadd this zone
specificallyandwhatwillwe see there?
Technology is at the very heart of everythingwedo inour
industry, so an areadedicated to this pioneering sector is anatural
progression for us.
In terms ofmotivation, youonly have to look at the incredible
excitement generatedby the boundless creativity ondisplay at
exhibitions likeChina Joy, for example, tounderstandwhat wewant
to achieve.
The gaming and entertainment industry is alivewith this
innovation – especially onour owndoorstephere inMacau – and
wewant to convey that to the globalmarket.
Also, we’ve been courtedbymany companieswhowemet
at our events at ICE andG2EAsiawhowant to exploreways to
promote their technology through theMGEMA and the show itself.
So the zonehas evolved as part of our long term vision – this
is an investment we aremakingover the coming few years andwe
start the launch atMGS 2016.
BB: I alsonote thatMGSwill be featuring a “full casino
and entertainment resort experience” this year.Whatwill
this entail?
The gaming industry is oneof themost innovative, pioneering
and creative sectors in the businessworld – and as a result of this, a
whole vibrant economy has beenbuilt around this central force.
The senior executives, the serious investors, theGovernment,
themanufacturers – they’ve all recognized this is a game changer.
Now it’s about “entertainment” –delivering a full rounded
entertainment experience to the consumer.MGS is aiming to reflect
this newwaveof thinking.
It is becoming increasingly less viable to think inside the
“casino” box anymore. Thenew consumer ismuchmore savvy than
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