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Thosewere thewordsof a very senior gaming industry executive
when the subject of theAsianGamingPower 50 recently cameup
over dinner.My innermonologue’s reply, which I kept tomyself,
was in the formof JFK’s immortal words, “We choose todo these
thingsnot because they areeasy, but because they arehard.”
And indeed it has been aHerculean task toput this list
together.Howon earthdo you compare the soleowner of a
smaller property to the brandnew “hiredhelp”COOof amuch
larger one?Howdo you compare a largeproperty that is still in
pre-opening to a smaller one that has beenpumping for years?
Howdo you compare a junket operator inMacau to theCEOof
theHongKong JockeyClub?Or theheadof a smallish casino
company about togopublic to the government-appointed
President of a casino chain inKorea that doesn’t have locals
gaming? These are the toughquestions the selectionpanel of
theAsianGamingPower 50has had towrestlewith.
WhenWorldGamingGroup acquired
last year, we inherited theAsianGaming 50with it. Already eight
years old, therewas absolutely nowaywe could (or should)
abandon this annual rankingof the top 50people in theAsian
gaming industry –our annual list published inSeptember is the
most popular issueof
each year. But wedid listen tomany
of our industry friends to soundout their thoughts on the “Big
50” as it is sometimes called.
Aswith any such ranked list, there are always criticisms
andobjections, usually from thosewho feel slighted against. It
amuses us that whileweoftenhear bold claims of not reading
the list or not caring about it,many on the list still contact us
directly (ormoreoften via their surrogates) tobemoan the
injusticeof their lowly position. Strangely, no-onehas ever
contactedus to complain about being ranked toohigh!
Without doubt, theAsianGaming 50has contained
some controversial decisions in years past and evenperhaps
some glaringomissions. It was against this background that
wedecided to completely overhaul the list and the ranking
methodology, and create a selectionpanel togain awider variety
of views.We expect that selectionpanel togrow and further
Themakingof the
AsianGamingPower 50
IAGPower50 selectionpanel Chairman
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