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since we first opened the doors of The Venetian Macao in 2007,”
SandsChinaVicePresident ofMarketing, ScottMessinger, says.
SJM Executive Director Angela Leong proposed a theme park
featuring an indoor beach adjacent to the SJM Palace site in Cotai
on land that she controls individually. Galaxy Macau’s phase two
expanded its Grand Resort Deck, adding a river ride, water slides
and an exclusive kids’ island to thewavepool andwhite sandbeach.
The resort’snext phaseswill includea “special andhigh tech” theme
park,GalaxyChairmanLuiCheWoosays, though thecompanyhasn’t
provided further details.
“A theme park could be a sweet spot for Galaxy – the family
spends themorning at the theme park and afternoon at the pool.
It gives them a tool kit to keep people on the property all day,”
adds Union Gaming Securities Asia Managing Partner, Grant
Govertsen. “There’s a bunch of people next door [at Venetian,
LasVegas tried family entertainment andtheme parks
in the early 1990s with limited success. One expert who witnessed
the rise and fall of the trend thinks what happened in Vegas should
guide theway forMacau.
As a marketing executive on the Vegas Strip, Global Market
Advisors Senior Partner AndrewKlebanowhad a ringside seat to the
1993openingsofMGMGrandwith itsGrandAdventures themepark
(plus aWizard of Oz themed casino) andMGM’s Egyptian pyramid
Luxor with a number of family attractions, including a Nile River
Tour ride. Both properties shifted gears in short order, demolishing
attractions and converting the “underperforming real estate” into
more rooms.
But “Garden variety” family entertainment offerings inLasVegas
weren’t just doomedbymediocrity – they also failed to recognize the
fact that people looking for family entertainment “areadifferent kind
of customer than those that patronize casinos.”
Nevertheless, The InnovationGroup’sMichael Zhu is confident
Asiawill be adifferent story.
“We believe family entertainment will be a better idea in
Asia than in Las Vegas,” he says, noting the variety and quality of
family attractions at Asia’s integrated resorts already outstrip the
first generation of Las Vegas offerings. Macau should also benefit
from the fact that diversification away from gaming aligns with
government objectives.
And there is a different level of competition in Asia when
compared to theVegas experiment.
Byhaving themeparksandother
familyentertainmentamenities, casino
resortswill beable todiversify their
offerings to captureabroaderrange
of customers, variousagegroups,
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