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has theHouseofDancingWater fantasy adventure show, a kid’splay
area and sand beach. City of Dreams Manila has DreamPlay – an
interactive challenge course based on DreamWorks film characters.
And all three resorts have brandnamenightclubs for grownup fun.
“Our family-oriented entertainment attractions and the more
adult-oriented facilities are all integral parts of the resorts, allowing
us to attract a broad range of visitors, setting us apart from our
peers,”Melco Crown explained in a written response to
Inside Asian
’s questions.
Sands Cotai Central has DreamWorks Experience character
interactions and later this year will open high tech indoor adventure
park Planet J. Sands China’s Parisian will feature water park
AquaWorld, QUBE for kids – as found at its other Cotai resorts –
alongwith its Eiffel Tower scalemodel and related streetmospheres.
“Family entertainment attractions are developed based on our
strategyof diversificationwhichhasbeenour strategy and core value
“Asianeedsmore familyattractions
toentertain itsburgeoning
middle classandMacau faces
political andeconomicpressure
that seems likeanaturalfit,
industry insidersdifferonwhether
familyentertainment is theright
complement toMacau’s casinos.”
MelcoCrown spent anestimatedUS$900millionon
entertainment options at its
property inMacau
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