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last year to 4.2million visitors, 12th best in Asia. RWS’s Adventure
Cove visitation also grew substantially by 7.5% to 660,000, enough
for 20th in regional water park rankings.
“ResortsWorld Sentosawelcomed a total of 7million visitors to
all its attractions in 2015, accounting for a third of all visitor arrivals
to gated attractions in Singapore,” RWS Senior Vice President of
Attractions, JasonHorkin, says. “In thefirstquarterof 2016,RWSsaw
approximately 1.6million visitors to all its attractions,” comprising
Universal Studio’s best quarterly revenue and attendance, despite a
year on year fall ingaming revenue.
Genting plans to use the model in Korea, with a Heroes and
Legends theme park at Resorts World Jeju, a joint venture with
mainland China’s Landing International on the popular resort
Kingdom was Asia’s most popular theme park outside Japan
last year, ranking 13th globally and attracting nearly 7.5 million
visitors according to the 2015 Theme Index from the Themed
Entertainment Association and engineering firm AECOM’s
Economics practice.
“Competing in this space may not the best strategy for Macau
given thepossible saturationof themeparks inChinawith apipeline
of attractions.”
TheUS$5.5 billionShanghai Disneylandopened in June, forecast
to attract at least 15 million visitors annually. Universal Studios is
coming to Beijing with Six Flags and DreamWorks attractions on
the drawing board. China’s homegrown Chimelong, OCT Parks
and SongchengWorldwide all rank alongside Disney and Universal
among theworld’s top 10most popular themepark groups.
“Why would I want to go toMacau for a theme park experience
when there is a perfectly acceptable, internationally branded theme
parkanhouraway inHongKong?”asksGlobalMarketAdvisorsSenior
Partner Andrew Klebanow in reference to Hong Kong Disneyland.
“Do you thinkmyniecewouldfindmeetingafluffypanda superior to
getting a hug from Sleeping Beauty orMickeyMouse?Oh, and that
HongKong themeparkhappens tobeone train stop fromoneof the
greatest airports in theworld.”
One key reason behind Macau’s own theme park push is how
successful they have been at Genting Group IRs. For decades, an
amusement park has drawn customers to Genting’s Highlands
resort outside Kuala Lumpur – and the property’s mass market
appeal delivers juicymargins. Renamed ResortsWorldGenting, the
IR is upgrading to a TwentiethCentury FoxWorld theme park as part
of itsUS$1.3 billionGenting IntegratedTourismPlan.
Genting took thesamemodel toSingaporewithUniversalStudios
at ResortsWorld Sentosa (RWS), which saw attendance grow by 9%
themeparkpush ishow successful
IRs. Fordecades, anamusementpark
hasdrawn customers toGenting’s
Lumpur–and theproperty’smass
marketappeal delivers juicymargins.”
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