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candidacywill havedown the ticket,” saysUNLV’sGreen.
Five years ago, determined to deny a second term toMrObama
whom he deemed insufficiently passionate about Israel, Adelson
single-handedly kept Newt Gingrich in the race for the Republican
nomination, spending US$15million on the celebrity conservative’s
forlorn bid. He blew another US$30million onMitt Romney in the
general election.When the dust settledhe andhiswife,Miriam, had
spent an estimatedUS$92million.
The couple isbeing considerablymore frugal this time around,
contributing a littlemore than US$1.6million to date – 96% of it
to GOP and conservative groups. At US$1.3 million, Las Vegas
Sands is the biggest industry spender in the congressional races
so far, shelling out more than twice as much as anyone else and
all of it to Republicans. Note that none of this includes any so-
called “dark money” contributions to advocacy groups which are
organized as charities under tax laws and don’t require donors to
reveal their identities.
Mr Trump hasn’t benefited from Adelson’s largesse as yet, but
it’s certain the checkbookwill come out once he’s officially anointed
theRepublicannominee later thismonth.
“Trump was in Las Vegas and has met with Adelson,” notes
Klebanow. “I know Adelson supports a Trump presidency. But I
haven’t seen anything indicating huge financial support. I haven’t
heard anything yet.”
ProfessorGreen sees this as an “oddity.”
“I don’t pretend to traffic in the Tao of Sheldon Adelson, but
Hillary tome soundsmore supportive of Israel than Trump. It’s one
of her core issues. But I guess Adelson feels he would have more
influence in aTrumpWhiteHouse than aClintonWhiteHouse.”
Of course, whether hewill is anothermatter entirely.
“That’s a good question,” says Klebanow. “With any other
Republican candidate I would say yes. But withTrump you just don’t
know. Is he going to be conservative or liberal? I don’t know and I
don’t think anybody knows.”
hasbeen theprimary target for gaming industrydonations
during the current presidential race
“Fiveyearsago, determined todeny
a second term toMrObamawhom
hedeemed insufficientlypassionate
about Israel,Adelson single-handedly
keptNewtGingrich in therace for
theRepublicannomination, spending
US$15millionon the celebrity
conservative’s forlornbid.Heblew
in thegeneral election.When thedust
settledheandhiswife,Miriam, had
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