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But today you have this new generation of operators and license
holders that are throwing bigmoney at it and you’ve got the divide
between the localsand thenewcomers. But the younggenerationare
changing things.
IAG: The Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge shouldmake
travel fromHongKong toMacaueasierbutMacaualready
has a number of infrastructure issueswith the roads and
the light rail. That raises questions about the entry point
intoMacau. It’s all very good to drive here in 20minutes
fromHong Kong airport but it would defeat the purpose
if the boundary crossing facility is a carpark. What are
your thoughts?
It is really, really important that the governmentmakes it user-
friendly and easy. They’ve spent all this money on the bridge but
if you take the car, drive across the bridge and then face a line-up
and hassles, youwon’t do it. At the end of the day it will defeat the
whole purpose.
Wehave tomovewith the IT industry now. You shouldbe able to
justwave yourphone. InChina todaywedon’tusecashanymore, you
use thewallet off thephoneorQRcodes. Everything ischanging. The
government needs to upgrade the system, think ahead andmake it
easy. It shouldbe easy toget in and it shouldbe easy to leave.
Also, through technology and big data you should be able to
see howmany people are coming, howmany slow down – these are
things you have to control or Macau will become a parking lot. You
can’t do that.
Withdata today, thingsaredifferent but thegovernment needs to
realize that. The young people are further ahead today than the old
peoplebecause theygrewupwith itwhilegovernmentpeoplearestill
doing everythingby hand. These are theproblemsMacauwill face.
IAG: And theairport here inMacau?
Theairport inMacau… I sit on theboardof theAirportAuthority
in Hong Kong so I know about that. Hong Kong airport is maxed
out right nowwhich is why we’re building a third runway and a new
terminal. The airport in Macau could become or should become a
domestic airport where you have China and other cities around
south-east Asia flying in.We should look at theoptions.
You lookat every city right now,most of themareshort onspace
and an airport is very important to a city. It’s the heart of a city.
Obviously you’re not going to have US flights landing in Macau
but there are certain kinds of flights from fourth tier, third tier
and second tier cities that can come toMacau. With the bridge it
can work both ways, they can integrate together. I don’t really see
it as a problem because the airport in Macau is not too big and
can’t handle thatmany flights so I don’t worry about it. I think that
between Hong Kong and Macau, once the bridge gets built, they
canwork that out.
It is vital that the
boundary crossing facility
on theHongKong-Macau
bridge is efficient
It isreally, really important that the
governmentmakes ituser-friendly
andeasy.They’ve spentall this
moneyon thebridgebut if you take
the car, driveacross thebridgeand
then facea line-upandhassles, you
won’tdo it.At theendof theday it
will defeat thewholepurpose.
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