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upgraded. Sowhat I didwas put together a videoof what the future
park could look like because I needed to get money and approval.
So at the end of the day, by putting that together, I was able to
convince the government, “Letme have themoney, letmedo this.”
And I wasn’t wrong.
I agree with you that the Macau government perhaps doesn’t
haveavision, perhaps theycome fromadifferentgeneration.And it’s
not just inMacau – traditional people everywhere hate change. It’s
different today.Millennials lovechange. There isadividebetween the
older generation and the younger generation. The older generation
criticizes the young generation for being lazy but they’re not. I love
youngpeople. They’re very, very energetic – they just have a different
mentality. It’s a sharing economy, it’s Uber … it’s a totally different
world that theparents don’t understand.
IAG: And it’s acompetitiveworldout there.
It’s a very, very competitiveworld so youhave to beworld class.
You have to think, “How can I be different and how can I change?”
becauseotherwiseMacauwill just sit as it is.
IAG: So how do you then get the government towelcome
Hopefully you get more good young people into government.
Slowly, that will change. I talk at theMacauUniversity and there are
a lot of creative young people in Macau – very different to the old
Macau where it was a sleepy place. It was very nice, Portuguese,
everythingwas lovely, youhad a nice life and you relaxed. It was fun.
DrZeman reinvigorated
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