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to Beijing than to Hawaii. That led some to believe US regulations
onmoney launderingwouldn’t apply in Saipan but US$78million in
fines levied last yearagainstCNMI’sTinianDynastycasino, upheld in
court, confirmedUS regulatory reach. Best Sunshine isworkingwith
CNMI’snewly formedCommonwealthCasinoCommission (CCC) to
forge groundbreaking rules tomakeMacau practices, including VIP
profit share, compatiblewithUS law.
Since joining Best Sunshine inNovember 2014,Mr Brown – the
Las Vegas SandsMacaupresident whoopenedVenetianMacao and
an alumnus of Trump Casinos in Atlantic City, Wynn Resorts in Las
Vegas andNagaCorp in Cambodia – has acquired land in Garapan,
Saipan’s tourist heart, to build Grand Mariana, a Paul Steelman
designed casino hotel scheduled to open late this year. He made
a partnership deal with Japan’s Kan Pacific for the site of its aging
Mariana Resort, a massive 161 hectare (398 acre) plot that the
government will offer to lease for 40 years into 2058nextmonth.
Perhaps most stunning, Mr Brown opened Best Sunshine Live,
a temporary casino inGarapan’s DFS TGalleriamall, with 34mass
tables, 12VIP tablesand 106 slotmachines. For 2015,with the casino
open just over fivemonths with only twomonths of full operations
including VIP play, Best Sunshine reported gaming revenue of
HK$707million (US$91.2million) and adjusted EBITDA of HK$121
million. November through February monthly VIP roll averaged
In his Saipan office, Mr Brown updated Editor at Large
MuhammadCohenonhis progress inAmerica’sPacific frontier.
Thebeachfrontpiece ismodeledafter theOneandOnlyresort inDubai.
Thiswill openupat theendof thisyear, call itNewYear’sEvegrandopening
…Thehotel blockwill continue tobebuiltandwill open in thefirstquarter
of2017, call itApril for full buildingopening.Now that’sbuildingone, and I
lookat thatasabeautiful Sands [Macao].
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