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Cover Story
Here, we are very closely regulated, so the customerswho are
bettingUS$600,000 a hand know that the game is real, all the
nines are in there.
IAG:Youseebeingpartof theUSasacompetitiveadvantage?
I do. I went to a graduating class yesterday. UNLV [University of
Nevada - LasVegas] sent two experts here to train theCCC. So they
trained theirwhole staff, a fewof our compliancepeople, it’s like
40-somethinggraduates. In a very short time they’re learning a lot.
Theywant todowell; theywant to learn.Were they local business
owners beforeor farmers? Yeah, but they are very articulate, they
want todo the right thing. They talked toAtlanticCity, they talked
toVegas, they talked toSingapore, they talked toAustralia and then
theywent and took two classes atUNLV and then they paid a lot of
money forUNLV to comehere and train them.
IAG: Soyou’recomfortable, confident that youhave
We have a huge compliance committee, and we have
people here that are on this every single day. We just hired a
gentleman named Vic Choi, who was the head of compliance
for HSBC in China for many years. He is with us now on the
corporate level, based inHong Kong but here now. I introduced
him to the Casino Commission, and they love the fact that
we have somebody of that caliber who is now heading up our
compliance department.
Yes, I’m very comfortablenowwithwhat’s happening.We
have the right people inplace. Everyone is fully aware, the cage,
That’swhy customersare coming from
mainlandChina.There’s something
about theUS thatmakeseveryone
feels safe.Notonly safeon the
outside, but feel safeon thegames.
Theyknowwearehighlyregulated, so
itmakes them feel comfortable…all
theninesare in there.
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