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Wearevery fortunate tohave these customers coming to this
beautiful island.That’swhat Ikeep saying:whenpeopledo come
they see this, there’s somuchmore toofferhere than justagambling
destination…water sports, golf, outdooractivities thatnobodyelse
has, and sunsetsand scenery thatnobody can compare to.
Cover Story
bonds.We raisedUS$100million three times, thenUS$50million
from the junket stake.
IAG: AndyoucanbuildGrandMariana if youdon’t raise
another dime?
IAG: Let’s talkabout the temporarycasino. Any revenue
figures to share?
Wepublishour rollingnumbers, startingNovember, the
US$1.6billion, theUS$1.5 billion, theUS$2.2billion and theUS$2
billion inFebruary.We’re very proudof these rollingnumbers.Our
seven [VIP] tableswent to eight, went to 10 andnow there are 12.
But wedidour billion-six andour billion-five, overUS$3 billion
rollingon seven tables, which astounded all of us.
On slotmachines, we’re roughlywinning anywhere from
US$200-to-300per day. Andnormallywe’rewinningUS$3,000 a
day on the tables on themass floor. Slotmachines andmass tables
somewhat average toUS casinos, andour VIP areoff the charts.
IAG:WheredoVIPs come from?
Mostly frommainlandChina.
IAG: And theycomebecauseof their relationshipwithJi
It’s a relationshipnot onlywithhim.Wehired three-to-four
marketingpeople that have relationshipswith these customers.
Yes, they are all individual relationshipbased, all getting a 1.3%
rollingprogram, which is very close toMacau. They’re 1.25%, so
we’re giving 1.3%. You knowwhen you leaveMacau… I was just
inCambodia, andwewere in competitionwith everybodywho’s
giving 1.6%, 1.7%, 1.8%, some 2%.We are very fortunate tohave
these customers coming to this beautiful island. That’swhat I keep
saying: whenpeopledo come they see this, there’s somuchmore
tooffer here than just a gamblingdestination ... water sports, golf,
outdoor activities that nobody elsehas, and sunsets and scenery
that nobody can compare to.
IAG:Wherewillmass customers come from?
The bright side iswho’s coming to the islandnow, andwhy
can’t I have a roommore thanonenight. Inour vicinity, there’s
2,800hotel rooms, and they’re 100%occupied, sevendays aweek.
Anywhere fromUS$200 toUS$400 anight, filled.
Chinese, Koreans, Japanesewho come to the island right now.
They’rehere for threedays, swimming, snorkeling, shopping,
eating. For a four-fivehour trip, if you’re coming fromBeijing, Korea,
Shanghai, Japan, this is heaven.Wehave a 50% [visitor] return rate.
Themass, I think, will comeonceGrandMarianaopens and
our 370 rooms are in. There’s actually another 1,000 rooms being
built on the island. There’s a 200 roomKoreanhotel, there’s ahotel
calledE-Land [brandedKensington] being fixedup – that will be
another 300 rooms, whichwill helpus.
Again, I want to keep reinforcing the transparency that we
have here. So all the stories that you hear inMacau, over the
table, under the table…Herewe have no gaming tax – that’s the
mainpoint ... zero gaming tax, sowe’re very transparent, we’re
following all the AML [anti-money laundering] laws.We know
the federal government’s eye iswatching. On hiring practices,
following all theUS rules.We are following all the laws, CTRs [cash
transaction reports], and know your customers, KYC, following all
those laws.
That’swhy customers are coming frommainlandChina.
There’s something about theUS thatmakes everyone feels safe.
Not only safe on the outside, but feel safe on the games. They
knowwe are highly regulated, so itmakes them feel comfortable.
I’mnot saying other jurisdictions are not, but you don’t know.
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