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season periods such as China’s GoldenWeek holidays at the start
of May and October, whenMr Wong calls room rates “insane” at
MOP$4,000 to $5,000 a night. “However, duringmost days of the
year, the rooms are quite affordable ranging from a few hundred to
a couple thousand [patacas].”
“Macau is relatively affordable,” Mr Wieners concurs. “While
accommodation prices are up and down, I don’t currently consider
this a crux tomassmarket success.”He believes, “The bigger issue,
more than price, is access to the amenities, infrastructure – for
example, adequate transport services – and a generally welcoming
experience for a lower spend customer than was previously the key
target of operators.”
Studies Assistant Professor IpKinAnthonyWong argues there’s “no
empirical evidence” that tourists like theMacau styledining featured
atBroadway.Moreover, for visitors that do like theconcept,MrWong
contends, “The scale of the offerings is small, and things are not
cheap.”With similar options abundant around town,MrWong feels
BroadwayMacau “lacks novelty and thewow factor.”
Hogo’sMrWienerssuggests“diversificationof the foodandbeverage
offerings through introductionof [additional] concepts, bothChineseand
Western, couldmakeBroadway ahit.”He also saysBroadway canmake
betteruseof itsother facilitiestostimulate interest.“Theconcerthall looks
great,but therearesomanyother typesofentertainmentnot yetavailable
that couldbeoffered at this location todrive both an inbound tourist as
well asadomesticMacauandHongKongcrowd,”hesays.
Then there’s the immutable law of real estate: “I don’t think the
location has helped,” Mr Wieners says. Broadway is off the beaten
path in Cotai and best reached from sister property Galaxy via a
footbridge with a moving walkway. Galaxy management has tried
to mitigate the location issue by offering free two hour parking at
Broadwayandsays thatmovehasdoubled itsarrivalsbycar.However,
notmanymiddlemarket tourists come toMacauby car.
China’smiddle classwill expand toas
decade, and thatgroup thatwill account
for thebulkof theprojected200million
Chineseoutbound travelersannually
expectedby2020.Thequestion that’s
most relevant ishowmanyof thosemiddle
class travelers,notonly fromChinabut
therestofAsia,will drop intoMacau….
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