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“Companies continue toprovide ‘mimic’ role-
play classes,whichoften leads to service that
embarrassesboth theemployeeand theguest
withwooden conversations thatare scripted
rather thanproductive, impactful ormotivating.
Thesekindsof ‘monkey-see-monkey-do’ or
‘plug-and-play’ interactions frequently fail.”
Cover Story
supervisors of existing casino and resort facilities, not one executive
could answer the question, “What is the single most important
factor that affects communication between a supervisor and a team
member, or between an employee and a customer?” This indicates
a lack of understandingof the relationshipbetweenhumanbehavior
andproductivity, andultimately profitability.
Leadersand talentmanagersare failing tounderstand thebenefits
of developing meaningful human resource management strategies
that foster innovation, productivity and motivation. Instead, human
resource development efforts aremostly a grab bag of best practices,
how-to tools and those cringe worthy monkey-see-monkey-do role-
plays referred toabove.Copyingoradoptingsystemsormethods from
other companies isnot afinancially viable solution, given the fact that
eachorganizationhas itsownuniqueagenda, cultureand challenges.
Given this lack of deep understanding amongst managers, it is
unsurprising that few line staffpossess the necessary skills, abilities
or practical experience with guests or among themselves to deliver
an exceptional level of service.
Exacerbating this problem, shareholders typically favor
management that maximizes short-term profit rather than the
interests of thewider stakeholder group, which includes employees,
customers, vendors, shareholders and the communities in which
the organization operates. As a result I have seldom found gaming,
hospitalityandentertainmentcompanies tohave truly thoughtful long
rangeplans for talent andmanagement development roadmaps that
support their business strategies – instead limited term processes
and tactical initiatives are introduced that provideminimal benefits
in terms of fostering loyalty andmorale.
Often human resource departments are operating merely as
personnel administration centers, focussing on a short sighted
governance model. They process the mundane paperwork of
hiring, firing and annual leave requests, rather than recognizing the
importanceof true talent development.
There is, however, some light at the end of the tunnel. Over the
last three years of listening to integrated resort gaming executives
discuss the major challenges they face in operating in Macau,
inevitably I’ve found managing human resources to be in the top
three. So management is indeed conscious of the problem. But
despitehaving the insight to recognize thiscorporatepriority, feware
comfortable on how to develop a strategy to engage creativity and
advance their people in adeep andmeaningful way.
Sowhat is the answer toMacau’s current shortfall in human assets
development? The first step lies in a thorough understanding of the
Our employees are the practicing ambassadors of guest relations.
The goal is concierge level hospitality and service initiatives. Every
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