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share. Technology has been adopted with enthusiasm with new
gamingmachines and security systems abounding.We’ve seen an
expansionof facilities; both cloned themed resorts and innovative
new concepts.
Clearlymuchdeliberation, analysis anddesignhasbeen invested
in creating new integrated resorts and other gaming operations
in Macau and elsewhere in southeast Asia. Whilst it’s difficult
to challenge the speed and impressiveness of many of these new
physical giants, it ismoredifficult to agree that the rangeof software
within these mammoth structures has made an equally impressive
impression on our minds. The continuing challenge for the private
hospitality and gaming companies of Macau (and the public sector
too) is creating an ambience and culture that is commensuratewith
the city’s lavish structures. It is time to support advances in the
development of theMacau community and her human potential to
inspirehome grown innovation inproducts and services.
Consider the employee development systems of these colossal
companies. Most of the internal training systems and initiatives
of the new casinos are Jurassic and trivial in nature. Companies
continue to provide “mimic” role-play classes, which often leads
to service that embarrasses both the employee and the guest with
wooden conversations that are scripted rather than productive,
impactful ormotivating. These kinds of “monkey-see-monkey-do” or
“plug-and-play” interactions frequently fail.
“Human resources development” is a widely used but generally
misunderstood term. Whilst the name implies resources of the
human kind are being truly developed and grown, that is often a
fallacy. The reality is that many companies see their workers as
littlemore than tools to be used. They are taught to go through the
motions inproduction line fashion.
In two recent surveys I conducted of mid-career managers and
Cover Story
Who is
we listentohim?
Professor Dr Brian To is certainly a hard man to
pigeonhole. He is a graduate of numerous prestigious universities
and business schools across the globe includingHarvard, Wharton
and John F Kennedy University in the United States, Oxford in the
UnitedKingdomandHEC inParis.Hisqualifications includeMaster’s
Degrees and Doctorates too numerous to list – over six advanced
degrees in business, management, policy, Chinese business and
managing change.
AsaglobalstrategistDrToconsults toFortune500corporations,
a number of Asian governments as well as some ultra-high net
worth individuals and their family-owned businesses in Asia and
AsaSeniorProfessorhehas taughtatHECParis,Oxford,Carnegie
Mellon and the Singapore Management University among other
leading universities, focusing on EMBA, MSc and PhD programs on
the subjects of growth, globalization, innovation, revenue expansion,
changemanagement, leadershipandstrategicbusinessmanagement.
Healso teachesat severalmilitary institutionsat a senior level.
Over the last three yearsDr To has been studyingMacau and its
competitiveadvantages anddisadvantages.Hehas taught anumber
of executiveprogramsandadvanceddegreecoursesat theUniversity
For over 25 years he has assisted both companies and countries
become more competitive leading to market dominance and
increasedbusiness revenue in theUSDbillions. Dr Tohas facilitated
several IPOs and formulated, developed and executed innovative
strategies that have enabled not only significant revenue growth but
also industry domination.
From advising and teaching the leaders of state-owned
enterprises and Asian military leaders to private sector strategy
formulation, development andexecution throughoutNorthAmerica,
he is active inuniversity, government and corporateeducation.Dr To
is in constant demand as a behind-the-scenes executive, adviser and
life coach to captains of industry, senior political figures andmilitary
leaders around theworld. He has received several highly prestigious
awards and titles. He is expert in teammanagement and has built
competitive stellar teams at all levels across the globe.
Dr To is a British citizen based in both Asia andNorth America
and isactive innumerouscharitable foundations inseveral countries.
Preferring to be known simply as Brian or even just “Bri”, he can be
reached at
teaches a rangeof
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